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A Guide to the Best 500 lb Capacity Portable Folding Chairs

By · February 6, 2023

This may be hard to believe but portable folding chairs have been around for thousands of years, and over the years modifications and upgrades have brought us to where we are today with one of the most important pieces of outdoor furniture pieces. Now if you are looking for a heavy duty 500 lb capacity portable folding chair then read!

A far cry from the x-shaped wooden chairs with a piece of fur thrown over them that some of the folding chair predecessors were made of, today there are specific needs and desires when it comes to a camp chair. Durability, comfort, size, and cost all play into which one you will decide to purchase.

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Big Bear XXL Camp Chair with Cooler by Oniva

PAPA BEAR – The Big Bear XXL Camp Chair with Cooler by Oniva, a Picnic Time brand, is a heavy duty folding lawn chair, XL beach chair, plus size picnic chair and overall “big daddy” of camping chairs.

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Best 500lb Capacity Folding Chair
Woman in 500 lb Capacity Portable Folding Chair

Let’s take a look at five of the best 500 lb capacity portable folding chairs, and also, go into a little about what weight capacity really means.

What to Look for in a Heavy-Duty Portable Folding Chair

There are five areas that can be explored when you’re ready to buy your heavy-duty chair, and each one of them is an important factor in your buying decision.

Portability – “The ability to be moved or carried easily.”

Does it have carrying capabilities, are they inherent or does it come with a case?

You will want to know how heavy it is.

Asking these couple of questions might make a difference in your decision.

Carrying Portable Folding Chair

Dimensions –  The actual size and dimensions are important if you're looking for some extra inches, or a particular backrest height to get that just right feel, or if your legs are shorter you might be interested in the distance to the ground from the seat.

Materials – Materials are super important when you're looking for a heavy-duty, extra-large folding camping chair. The frame composition, the attachment materials, and the seat fabric itself need to be a denser type of material to avoid tearing. Avoiding an embarrassing or potentially harmful fall through the seat will depend on the type of material used.

Comfort – Having several types of seat configurations to choose from it's a good idea to know if they are actually comfortable to sit in.

  • Does the back recline?
  • Are the armrests adjustable?
  • Do the armrests sag?
  • Are there any comfort adjustments at all?
Adjustable Reclining 500 lb Capacity Portable Folding Chair

On those occasions when you will be sitting for an extended period of time, having a comfortable seat that can stay comfy in for as long as you want or need to is going to be a huge factor in the decision process.

Budget – And last, but not least the price of your new portable folding chair is something to be considered. The old adage, you get what you pay for might not always be something you can adhere to because of a limited budget.

Luckily in this category, there are several budget-friendly and durable chairs you can try out and comparison shopping can give you a wide range of choices that will fit within your budget.

But, it might be advised to spend a little bit extra and get the accessories and the features you're looking for the first time.

Quick Comparison of our Top Picks

Brand:Model:Chair Weight:Capacity:Material:Price:
Living XLCamping chair10.6500 lbs.Alloy steel, Polyester$59.95
Big Bear XXLPapa Bear14 lbs.500 lbs.Polyester, Steel, Polypropylene$146.99
Guide GearSaucer chair26.6 lbs.500 lbs.Steel. Polyester$139.99
Alps MountaineeringKing Kong13 lbs.800 lbs.Steel, Polyester$79.99
Coleman Big-N-TallQuad camping chair4.38 kg/ 9.65 lbs.600 lbs.Steel, Synthetic$54.99

The Best Heavy-Duty Portable Camping Chair List in No Particular Order

1. LivingXL 500 lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Folding Chair

LivingXL has gone the extra mile with the addition of center frame support that adds durability and support to this folding chair. Using a 22mm tubed frame, (that's almost an inch for the metric challenged) that carries the 600 denier fabric that will easily distribute the weight across the chair evenly the support of this chair shouldn't be an issue.

An oversize cup holder on one side and a mesh cup and gadget holder on the other side, along with a mesh side-mounted pocket give you all the storage and holding space you might need.

Much of the stability of the heavy-duty chairs comes from having wider feet and the LivingXL camping chair boasts large and durable feet. 

Notable Specs –
Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
Chair weight: 10.6 lbs.
Chair dimensions: Backrest size 23.5″ x 19.5″
Frame material: 22mm Alloy Steel
Seat Material: 600 Denier Polyester
Seat Material: 600 Denier Polyester


  • No Assembly Required
  • Two Cup Holders
  • Extra Support Features


  • Weak Armrests
  • Adjustment Issues
  • Sits Low

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2. Big Bear XXL Heavy Duty Camp Chair

The Big Bear XXL raises the bar and adds several features that elevate the idea of what a camping chair can offer. This chair has a 500 lb. capacity and draws its durability and sturdiness from an alloy steel frame wrapped in a touch polyester material.

Buckled to the left side of this camping chair you will find your own personal cooler that can hold nine standard-sized beverages and on the right-side front leg there's a retractable cup holder. There is extra storage space on the back side of the chair with a built-in zippered pocket to hold whatever else you might need.

Hinged feet will help you keep your balance on any terrain while you enjoy a spacious seating area. This chair is built strong and has a lifetime guarantee that comes along with it.

Notable Specs –
Weight capacity: 500 lbs
Chair weight: 14 lbs
Chair dimensions: 25” D x 24 ”W x 42” H
Frame material: Alloy Steel
Seat Material: 600 Denier Polyester
Accessories: Retractable Cup Holder, Detachable Cooler Bag


  • Super Spacious Seat
  • Personal Cooler Attachment
  • Hinged Feet
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Issues with the Plastic Parts

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3. Guide Gear Oversized 500 lb. Capacity Portable Camp Chair

Cushion comfort and portability if you’re strong enough. This hefty saucer shaped camping chair and added footstool weigh in close to 27 lbs., but if the weight isn’t a factor, it has all the room you would ask for and a 500 lb. weight capacity.

A huge cup holder pouch and mesh pocket adorns the right side while both padded armrests have mesh pockets on the inside of the seat area to keep everything close and handy.

The saucer shape makes this folding camp chair feel extra spacious and the padded cushioned material makes long sitting doable without the discomfort of a regular folding lawn chair.

Notable Specs –
Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
Chair weight: 26.6 lbs.
Chair dimensions: 42.25” x 14.5” x 13”
Frame material: Powder Coated Steel
Seat Material: 600 Denier Polyester with Waterproof PVC Coating
Accessories: Foot Stool, Cup Holder Pouch


  • Extra Padded Back and Sides
  • Huge Cup Holder Pouch
  • Pockets


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

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4. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Heavy-Duty Portable Folding Chair

With a name like King Kong, you know this has to be a beast of a chair. As true as that is it still only weighs 13 lbs. while still providing an 800 lb. weight capacity. The seating area is super wide at 24.5” and a straight solid back keeps you in a comfortable position.

Two cup holders and two side mesh pockets will give you room to store what you need and to have your favorite beverage close at hand.

Coming in at a mid-range price without sacrificing stability and sturdiness the alloy steel frame does the trick while the wide feet will keep you from sinking into the ground. 

Notable Specs –
Weight capacity: 800 lbs.
Chair weight: 13 lbs.
Chair dimensions: (W x D x H): 38 x 20 x 38 in (96 x 51 x 96 cm).
Frame material: Alloy Steel
Seat Material: 600 Denier Polyester
Accessories: Two Cup Holders, Two Mesh Side Pockets


  • Wide Seat
  • Two Cup Holders
  • Two Mesh Side Pockets
  • Priced Right


  • Front Cross Bars can be Uncomfortable
  • Arm Rest Prone to Sagging

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5. Coleman Big-N-Tall Portable Folding Chair

Coleman is a name you come to trust when you think about the outdoors and camping. The Big-N-Tall portable folding chair is a budget-friendly camping chair that is built to last. The weight capacity is 600 lbs. with a large seat area that will stand the test of time.

Wide feet and an alloy steel frame create stability and durability and the tough synthetic material makes sure you have the comfortable chair experience you are looking for and the secure feeling of strong supportive material.

Notable Specs –
Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
Chair weight: 9.65 lbs.
Chair dimensions: 38.19″D x 7.87″W x 7.09″H
Frame material: Alloy Steel
Seat Material: Synthetic
Accessories: Cup Holder, Mesh Storage Pouch, Seat Drain


  • Super Light
  • Water Resistant Armrest Sleeve
  • Seat Drain
  • Budget Friendly


  • No Lumbar Support
  • Seat Sags After Sitting Long Term

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Our Thoughts on Heavy Duty Portable Folding Chairs

Top Pick
Big Bear XXL Camp Chair with Cooler by Oniva

PAPA BEAR – The Big Bear XXL Camp Chair with Cooler by Oniva, a Picnic Time brand, is a heavy duty folding lawn chair, XL beach chair, plus size picnic chair and overall “big daddy” of camping chairs.

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Best 500lb Capacity Folding Chair

In no particular order, here are our summary thoughts on these heavy duty portable folding chairs.

LivingXL 500 lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Folding Chair

The LivingXL 500 lb. capacity camp chair is a budget-friendly, heavy-duty chair with added center support for stability and sturdiness as well as a wide stance. Built with the XL in mind.

LivingXL Stability

Big Bear XXL Heavy Duty Camp Chair

The Big Bear XXL has added features that make this camp chair one to check out. Side cooler, compartments, and hinged feet, it's the little things and the big things that catch their eye on this one. Not cheap by far, but all the extras may make the hit to the wallet worth it.

Big Bear Side Cooler

Guide Gear Oversized 500 lb. Capacity Portable Camp Chair

Super spacious comfort with all the room to move around, that in itself might make the heaviness of this chair worth carrying, and definitely worth it when you want to wrap up around a fire and kick your feet up onto the foot stool and lean back and relax.

Guide Gear Foot Stool

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Heavy-Duty Portable Folding Chair

As the name implies this is a monster of a chair with an 800 lb. weight capacity built to hold the weight but with all the comfort you would want. Surprisingly this camp favorite only weighs 13 lbs. making it doable to pack into a more remote area and kick back.

ALPS Mountaineering Folded Up

Coleman Big-N-Tall Portable Folding Chair

The lightest of our list coming in at 9.65 lbs. but with a 600 lb. weight capacity this camp chair is just asking to be hauled around and sat in. Not only that it is a budget-friendly entry into the 500 lb. plus class of portable folding chairs with notable accessories and a large seating area.

Coleman Phone Holder
Coleman Side Pocket

How Strict are Weight Capacity Limits on Portable Chairs?

When we talk about weight capacity, weight limit or load capacity, everything needs to be taken with a slight degree of caution. The actual weight that a portable chair is rated at is the weight in which through testing the folding chair collapses in on itself or the fabric rips.

Broken Portable Chair

These weight capacities do not take into consideration lateral movement, rotational movement, or any movement other than sitting quietly and not moving.

So, for safety's sake, it’s better not to assume that a 500 lb. weight capacity chair will hold a 500 lb. person when they sit down with anything less than a perfect landing.

The weight capacity is not based on a moving person but a statically applied pressure that is applied until the chair snaps or has a malfunction.

What are Some Alternative Folding Chair Options?

  • Director’s Chair –

Director's chairs can be found with a 600 lb. weight capacity and a huge seating area around the 28.5” mark, and that's spacious. Also, they have options like side trays and specially designed side pockets.  Their wide stance and weight capacity make them a good choice when you are looking for a heavy-duty folding chair.

Folding Directors Chair
  • Moon Chair –

Moon chairs are like the ladyboys of folding chairs. Head and back support and spacious seating areas make them a good choice when looking for an XL camping chair. The style will make you want to use it indoors as well for lounging and hanging out.

Given the design, stability is not an issue, and you can find them with a 500 lb. weight capacity. What is unique about this model is the openness of the seating area with something more like side rails than armrests. A really comfy option.

Folding Moon Chair
  • Zero-Gravity Chair –

This is basically a “floating feeling” and a recliner that is portable and spacious. Backrest, headrest, and footrest, with rest being the keyword here. Available in a 500 lb. weight capacity this adjustable portable folding chair takes the relaxation level to the highest degree.

Zero Gravity Chair

Other Considerations When Choosing a 500 lb. Capacity Portable Folding Chair

Construction – Considerations for construction should be frame material and seat material. Alloy steel is a combination of materials that is specifically made to “increase strength, hardness, wear resistance and toughness”, pretty much everything you need in a heavy-duty camping chair.

Steel Construction Folding Chair

Material as was mentioned before needs to be a synthetic polyester with a 600 denier rating, often with a PVC waterproofing applied. This material is made to withstand a certain amount of pressure. 

Accessories – Accessories are as varied as the people buying the chairs. Most common would be a cup or two, mesh side pockets, either exterior or interior, seat back pillows, seat back rear storage, footrest, footstools, waterproof compartments, coolers and side trays.

Folding Chair Cup Holder

The accessories often are the selling point, so look for what you want to have to make your sitting time most enjoyable.

Storage Space – Storage space is important when you need to keep things like sunglasses, sunscreen, a book or your phone handy and dry in some cases. Places to put stuff is something everybody needs and wants.

Folding Chair Side Storage

Whether they are built in or attached, storage compartments are considerations that help you choose.

Warranty – Let’s be honest, everyone wants to feel like they made a good purchase, and when something has a warranty it gives the buyer, you, the power to return or ask for help when something is not quite right with the item you purchased. And likewise, it's a promise from the manufacturer that they stand by their product.


How much weight can camp chairs hold?

Across the board the answer to how much weight can camp chairs hold is 250 lbs., this is for the standard camp chair. This is the reason that heavy-duty, XL-type chairs with their higher weight capacity are needed. The weight limit or capacity can be as high as 1000 lbs.

The actual weight of a person sitting in the chair safely is less than that, but the higher the weight capacity the less chance for chair collapse or malfunction. Bear in mind people don’t just sit still in a static position, so the weight will be distributed over a wider area with stress factors being put in different areas will dictate whether the chair can handle the load or not.

What is the best material for a heavy-duty 500 lb capacity portable folding chair?

The most popular fabric that is used in heavy-duty portable folding chairs is 600 denier polyester. The denier measurement is a common way to measure the size of synthetic filaments. The higher the number the thicker the individual filament used to weave the final material.

Translated that means 600 D fabric is a pretty tough material and difficult to rip.

How much weight can a moon chair hold?

It really depends on the weight capacity, most seem to run around 300 lbs., but there are 400 lb. weight capacities and higher available if you search them out.

How do I know if heavy-duty chairs can be portable?

Within reason all heavy-duty chairs are portable, but how easy you can move it around is the question. Most if not all camp chairs will come with a case that has one type of carrying handle attached to it. Some may be double, some single or possibly even a suitcase-style handle.

While online shopping you can look at the specs and see if there is a carry case listed, or in the descriptions it will say “Carry Bag”, or “shoulder strap, etc.

What is the difference between a beach chair and a camping chair?

The main difference between a beach chair and a camping chair is in how high it sits off the ground. The beach chairs would also have two curved shorter legs and the leg configuration would be more of a bent tube configuration to keep the legs from sinking into the sand.

Completely interchangeable in reality but the thought is that at the beach you would want something that is close to the sand, and more than likely a beach chair has a reclining option as well. The camp chair on the other hand is more for sitting around a fire or a camp table with four separate feet.

Final Words

All macho marketing aside, you don’t need to be in the market to equip your man cave with the biggest and baddest folding chair, it's quite alright to just want to have a camp chair that gives you comfort and spaciousness, stability, and durability.

If you need the chair to be something that is not part of an embarrassing nightmare of being trapped in a folding chair that collapsed under your weight, then these are absolutely the best purchase idea.

Lounging in Camp Chair

Check out the different styles, colors, and accessories. Use the new knowledge you have about alloy steel and denier fabric rating, look at the seat width compared to the overall width, and make sure it has all the options for storage and comfort you are looking for.

If a heavy-duty portable camping chair is something that will make your outdoor experience more memorable and less traumatic than here are five such chairs to get you started on your buyer's journey.

Top Pick
Big Bear XXL Camp Chair with Cooler by Oniva

PAPA BEAR – The Big Bear XXL Camp Chair with Cooler by Oniva, a Picnic Time brand, is a heavy duty folding lawn chair, XL beach chair, plus size picnic chair and overall “big daddy” of camping chairs.

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Best 500lb Capacity Folding Chair

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