Whether you live in the country on a vast expanse of land or in the heart of the city, there is always a chance you will run into some backyard critters. Whether big or small, there is something remarkable about observing wildlife in your own backyard. And sometimes that wildlife is there intentionally as a backyard pet or a source of food like chickens.

These articles are designed for people who want to attract backyard critters, but also for those who might be wanting to get rid of the critters that are more like pests. So, if you need some tips on attracting wildlife like deer, squirrels, and butterflies or advice on caring for backyard chickens these are the articles for you.


Butterflies are a great addition to any backyard flower garden or landscape. They are interesting to observe and are also beneficial when it comes to pollinating your blooming plants. Check out these articles and tips to learn more about attracting butterflies to your garden or even how to raise butterflies to release into your yard.

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Backyard chickens are a great source of food but can also be a fun addition to your backyard as a pet or to control insects. Find some of the best advice on caring for your chickens, which chickens are best for smaller yards, or even how to build a tractor for your chickens.

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Other Critters

Squirrels, deer, birds, racoons – these are all critters you might encounter in your backyard at one time or another. Find information about what these critters like and dislike about the plants and landscape of your yard. And get some tips about how to either attract them to stay or persuade them to leave.

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