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Our Review of the Domi Outdoor Living Louvered Pergola

By · October 2, 2023

When it comes to outdoor entertaining it's all about the space. We had been wanting to add a bit more room for entertaining and relaxing, and we decided that an outdoor space would be the best use of our budgeted money. We thought about gazebos and open-air ideas but when we ran across the Domi pergola, our minds were made up almost immediately. 

Our Top Pick
Domi Outdoor Living 12’ X 16’ Outdoor Louvered Pergola

This 12×16 pergola feature a strong powder coated dark gray aluminum frame and louvered roof,treated to be deformation resistant and fade resistant,which could last years for outdoor use.

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Domi Outdoor louvered pergola aluminum

Let's take a look at what it was exactly that made our decision easier and check out some of the features of the 12 x 16 size we went with, along with a couple of things we think you should consider when looking at outdoor pergolas, as well as some pros and cons of the Domi 12 x 16 Aluminum Pergola.

Domi Outdoor louvered pergola aluminum


Why Use an Outdoor Louvered Pergola

First and foremost, the adjustable louvered roof of this pergola was a major selling point for us. Living in an area with unpredictable weather, we wanted the flexibility to control the amount of sunlight and shade in our outdoor space. With the ability to easily adjust the position of the louvers, I can create the perfect ambiance for entertaining. Whether we want to let the sunshine in during a daytime gathering or provide shade on a scorching hot day, the adjustable roof allows us to tailor the environment to the needs and comfort of our guests.

Adjustable roof for backyard

Another reason we opted for an outdoor louvered pergola is the added protection it provides. The louvers not only offer shade but also act as a barrier against light rain. This means that even if there's a light drizzle, we can continue entertaining outdoors without worrying about our guests getting wet. It's like having an outdoor shelter that keeps us dry while still enjoying the fresh air and open space. 

Additionally, the pergola has expanded our entertainment space significantly, we were able to create a defined area for hosting guests. The pergola serves as an inviting focal point where we can now comfortably accommodate more people, whether it's for a barbecue, a birthday celebration, or a simple get-together. The open-roof design of the pergola also allows for a natural flow of air, creating a pleasant and breezy atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Lastly, the aesthetics of the Domi Outdoor Living pergola played a role in my decision. The sleek and modern design, combined with the gray color (there's also a dark brown option), complements our existing outdoor decor and adds a touch of sophistication to the back porch. It's like having a stylish outdoor living space that enhances the overall visual appeal of the backyard, making it even more inviting and enjoyable for entertaining.

Overview of the Domi Outdoor Living Louvered Pergola

The Domi Outdoor Living Louvered Pergola is a versatile and stylish outdoor structure designed to enhance your outdoor living space. Constructed from durable aluminum, this pergola is built to withstand the elements and resist rust and corrosion. It features a traditional yet modern design that fits seamlessly into various outdoor settings, including gardens. 

The louvered pergola aluminum patio dimensions provide ample space for entertaining. With a waterproof design, you can confidently host gatherings even during light rain showers, and with the curtains you can create a cozy spot to huddle in when the temperatures get a bit chilly. We actually placed a small outdoor firepit on the tabletop, and let me tell you it's amazing.  

Covered aluminum pergola

While some assembly is required, detailed instructions are provided to make the setup process easier. Weighing around 378 lbs, the pergola offers stability and sturdiness once assembled. It is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 50 mph, which is a good thing because who wants to chase the pergola in a windstorm or have to call all hands on deck to grab a corner leg when a gust of wind comes up?

The Domi Outdoor Living Louvered Pergola comes with a 5-year warranty for the roof and frame, providing peace of mind regarding its quality and longevity, and the curtains and netting are covered by a 1-year warranty. 

Best Features of the Domi Outdoor Living Aluminum Pergola

Adjustable Louvers 

One of the standout features of the Domi Outdoor Living Louvered Pergola is its adjustable louvers. (Obviously one of our favorite features) These louvers allow you to control the amount of sunlight and shade that enters the pergola. With a simple adjustment, you can create the perfect balance of light and shade to suit your preferences or the changing weather conditions. This feature adds a level of versatility to the pergola, allowing you to create a comfortable outdoor space throughout the day.

 Crank System

Another feature that we particularly appreciate is the perpetual crank system. This system makes it effortless to adjust the position of the louvers. With a simple turn of the crank, you can easily open or close the louvers to your desired angle. The smooth and efficient operation of the crank system enhances the overall user experience and adds convenience to the pergola's functionality. And because it can't be over cranked it's particularly kid friendly.

These features make the Domi Outdoor Living Louvered Pergola a standout choice for those who value flexibility, convenience, and comfort in their outdoor spaces. The adjustable louvers and perpetual crank system not only enhance the functionality of the pergola but also contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Crank system on pergola louvers

Things to Consider when Choosing an Outdoor Louvered Pergola

Size and Dimensions: Ensure the pergola fits your outdoor space and provides enough room for your intended activities.

Dimension of louvered pergola

Material: Opt for a durable and weather-resistant material like aluminum to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance.

Adjustable Louvers: Check that the louver mechanism is smooth and easy to operate, allowing you to control sunlight and shade effectively.

Customization Options: Look for a pergola that offers options for adding curtains, netting, or other accessories to enhance privacy and protection. Not an issue with the Domi Outdoor Living Pergola since they are part of the package. 

Warranty: Review the warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure the product's quality and reliability. 

Best Places to Use an Outdoor Louvered Pergola

An outdoor louvered pergola is a versatile addition to your outdoor space, and there are several ideal places where it can be used. Here are some of the best places to consider: 

Backyard Patio

Transform your backyard patio into a comfortable and stylish outdoor living area with a louvered pergola. 

Backyard patio under a louvered roof

Garden or Landscape Area

It can serve as a shaded retreat where you can admire your plants, read a book, or simply enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.

Our Top Pick
Domi Outdoor Living 12’ X 16’ Outdoor Louvered Pergola

This 12×16 pergola feature a strong powder coated dark gray aluminum frame and louvered roof,treated to be deformation resistant and fade resistant,which could last years for outdoor use.

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Domi Outdoor louvered pergola aluminum

Poolside Oasis

Enhance your poolside experience by adding a louvered pergola. It offers a shaded space for lounging and provides a cooling respite from the sun's rays.

Louvered pergola over pool

Outdoor Dining Area

Set up a louvered pergola over your outdoor dining area to create an inviting and sheltered space for meals with family and friends.

Commercial Spaces

Louvered pergolas are also suitable for commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, or event venues. They can be used to create covered outdoor seating areas, enhancing the overall ambiance and providing a versatile space for customers to enjoy.

Louvered roof over a restaurant

Pros and Cons of the Domi Outdoor Living Pergola 


  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Perpetual crank system
  • Weather resistant materials
  • Wind stability
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty on roof and frame. 1-year warranty on curtains and netting.


  • Initial cost could be an issue
  • Installation and setup (effort and time)

Why We Love this Louvered Pergola

With the cost of pergolas ranging from around $30-$60 per square foot, the Domi Outdoor Living Louvered Pergola was priced right for us, but more than that it was some of the features that really caught our eye, and something we continue to enjoy on a daily basis.

The adjustable louvers and the two-section adjustability give a range of sun and shade that you can't get from other pergolas. The cranking system that makes it impossible to over-crank the louvers is really handy, especially when we ask the kids to adjust them. 

The two-track curtain setup gives us the ability to fully screen the entire pergola with just the shade net or use the privacy curtains when more privacy is needed, or a combination of both.

The entire pergola snuggles nicely onto our back porch creating a valued addition, a getaway, and a really nice place to unwind or entertain our guests. Practical, functional, and pleasing to look at, an absolutely perfect addition to our home.  

Outdoor pergola on the beach


Is a louvered pergola worth it?

Yes, a  louvered pergola can add value and add living space to your home.

Do louvered pergolas protect from rain?

Yes, the lovers are designed to protect from rain as well as provide shade. 

What is the smartest pergola in the world?

Pergola X is the “smartest” pergola, it has technology that allows it to open, close, pivot and slide.  

How do louvered pergolas work?

Louvers redirect the sun's light to provide shade, no matter the angle of the sun. 

Our Top Pick
Domi Outdoor Living 12’ X 16’ Outdoor Louvered Pergola

This 12×16 pergola feature a strong powder coated dark gray aluminum frame and louvered roof,treated to be deformation resistant and fade resistant,which could last years for outdoor use.

Check Price
Domi Outdoor louvered pergola aluminum


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