About Us

The term “backyard” can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some it is a place to relax and enjoy the weather, for others it’s a place to play. Some see their backyard as the best location to host parties for friends and family. And yet others hear the word and it conjures thoughts of work and manual labor.

Whatever your backyard is to you, we here at Backyardville want to help you find ways to improve, reorganize, or just maintain your yard so it is the haven that you always dreamed of. Through product reviews, informational articles, and a lot of ideas and suggestions from our backyard specialists you will be able to find answers to just about every question you have about your yard.

As stay-at-home moms, co-founders Nikki and Kenda are always looking for ways to keep their kids busy. But they want that busy time to be fun and educational as well. Since they already shared an interest in finding practical ways to utilize the backyard, they decided that would be a good place to start – sharing their outdoor passions and knowledge with their kids. From playing on the swing set to planting vegetable gardens, discovering outdoor critters, and maintaining a flower garden, all of these activities led to educational experiences for everyone.

Our team of backyard specialists, along with Kenda and Nikki, all have experience in varying aspects of improving and maintaining the areas outside of our homes. After visiting numerous websites, reading countless books, and sharing our collective knowledge and experiences, we decided others might be looking for the same information. Since they were already experimenting, documenting, and making discoveries of their own, Nikki and Kenda decided to pass on their successes, struggles, and advice to others. How convenient would it be to find everything they wanted in one organized and informative website? And that’s how Backyardville was born.

Do you have kids? You will love our articles and product reviews on swing sets, playsets, and all kinds of toys for the backyard. From large wooden swing sets to smaller metal play sets, water tables, sandboxes, bicycles and more, Backyardville is full of outdoor toys that will last for many years. We’ll help you find toys that are appropriate for your age of children as well as playsets that will fit the size of your backyard and your budget.

Just because our name is specific to the backyard doesn’t mean we do not have information for your front or side yards too. Are you looking for ways to improve the curb appeal of your home or ideas for what plants will work best in your landscaping? Maybe you’re ready to grow an extensive garden to have your very own fresh vegetables. Does your lawn need an overhaul to get rid of dandelions or bare spots? Backyardville can help you with all of these situations.

Come visit our backyard and make it a place to grab a drink, put your feet up and enjoy all of the advice, tips, and material that we have to offer.

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