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Top Camping Chairs for Heavy People

By · March 3, 2023

Finding items like the perfect camping chair can be very challenging for someone a little bit heavier than average. Don't you think? Because, unlike the average-sized person, your requirements are bound to be more demanding. Choosing the wrong heavy-duty camping chair may cause muscular and skeletal pain or injury over time.

So, things like features, dimensions, and even unique accessories of the chair must be right! It can relieve all your pressure points: from the neck down to your legs, and provide ultimate convenience simultaneously.

Heavy Man in Folding Camp Chair

This post will guide you into finding the right heavy-duty camping chair to improve your camping experience.

Please read on to learn more…

What to Look for in the Best Heavy-Duty Chair

Before you storm the market by foot or clicks, you must have your fundamentals in order. Then, of course, we're talking about what you must look for in a camping chair for heavy people like yourself, so that you can avoid terrible cases such as:

  •  Purchasing a cheap chair with poor ergonomics
  • Going over budget for the WRONG chair because it sounds fancy
  • Or even missing out on one of the best deals you could find in today's market

To avoid all these, you need to look for just 7 things in a heavy-duty camping chair before making your best pick.

Weight capacity

Since you're on the hunt for a heavy-duty chair that can handle your weight, it's best to find a higher capacity. If you fail, you risk damaging the chair with your weight. You may even incur terrible injuries after the accident.

Even if the chair still happens to hold your weight, overtime use will only give you discomfort.

How? The frame could be caving into your body while you sit, leading to sores around your waist or any nearby part of your body to the frame.

So, how do I find a chair with the suitable weight capacity? When shopping for the best heavy-duty camping chair for your body weight, you need to find one with at least a carrying capacity of 100 lbs more than your weight. For instance, if you're carrying a body weight around 250lbs, it's better to go for a chair with a weight capacity of 350 lbs or 400 lbs.

Chair dimensions

It would be best if you chose the chair that matches your physical measurements. For instance, climbing into a big, tall chair would always be a challenge if you're a short person. And you would only get to really relax if your feet can reach the ground (or footrest). So, your best option is to get a short chair.

Heavy Duty Camping Chair Dimensions

But if you're tall and big, you should definitely get a tall chair. Then your body weight will be distributed appropriately on the chair. You can achieve this with a shorter chair because your legs will most likely surpass its footrest.

Another measurement to take note of is the seat width. It would be best if you got a wide enough chair to fit you into the seat. Such that armrests are a reasonable distance apart from your lap.

Seat height

Choose your seat height based on your physical height. For instance, if you're a tall person, get a chair with a higher seat height. If you're shorter, get one with a lower seat height.

The average seat height is 18″, so a chair with a height of 17″ from the ground could be suitable for a shorter person. However, 19″ – 20″ would be better for taller users.


If you prefer to carry your camping equipment with a car to your campsite, then you don't need to worry about your chair's portability. You can easily convey the heaviest heavy-duty camping chair in today's market with an average car. However, if you prefer to carry your camping chair during a hike, getting a collapsible version of a heavy-duty camping chair is better.

Such chairs can possess higher weight capacities but still be built with lightweight materials such as plastics and fabric sheets. This way, you see heavy-duty chairs that are just about 3lbs in carrying weight.

Fold Up Portable Camping Chair

Type of Armrest

The armrests are equally essential elements when choosing the best camping chair. Because it provides support for your lower back and upper limbs.

Due to a larger stature, you should find a camping chair with armrests that can easily accommodate larger arms. In addition, to effectively reduce the pressure on your lower back or upper limbs. Another advantage is that you can quickly get into or out of the chair.


You're looking for a heavy-duty camping chair that can handle your weight, so it has to be made of durable materials. You’ll need to look at two features: the frame and the fabric material. The frame must be steel or another material close to its level of durability. The fabric should be rip-resistant, weatherproof, and thick enough to comfortably cushion your butt, back, and body.

Heavy Duty Camping Chair Durability


When shopping for the right heavy-duty camping chair, you must evaluate its comfort level. In addition, you should seek features that indicate the chair is ergonomic enough for your body. We're talking padded cushions, armrests, and even headrests.


Another thing to look for is accessories. These can help you improve your comfort level and your experience as well. For instance, there are unique camping chairs with ergonomic (usually) cylindrical pillows to provide you with lumbar support. Sometimes they could also come with a side table or a cup/phone holder.

Heavy Duty Chair Cooler Pocket

Why Choosing a Camping Chair for Heavy People Can be a Challenge

Choosing a camping chair to accommodate a heavier weight can be pretty tricky. Here is the reason why:

It may not be budget-friendly

The thing about heavy-duty chairs is that they can be more expensive than the average chairs. This is because such chairs are built to solve a slightly uncommon problem, providing comfort for heavier users. It is possible to go over budget whenever you're shopping for the right chair.

Your choice could be rare

Another challenge you can encounter is finding the one that matches all your preferences.

How so? Some chairs can offer you the necessary support you need to be comfortable, and they may simultaneously lack other features you are seeking. For instance, some chairs may provide you with the best back support, but they may lack accessories like a cup or phone holder. Or even lumbar support.

At the end of the day, you might have to sacrifice some requirements. Especially when you seem to be going over your budget.

An Overview of our Top Picks

Heavy Duty Chair ModelWeight CapacityDimensionsPrice
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Camping Chair800 lbs20″D x 38″W x 38″H$80 – $100
Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Oversized Chair400 lbs48 x 8 x 8 inches$45 – $47
Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair600lbs39 x 6.75 x 7.95 inches$45 – $50
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized Recliner500lbs30.5 x 28.5 x 43.5 inches130 – $140
ALPHA CAMP Oversized Folding Camping Chair450 lbs24.8 x 38.17 x 39.37 inches$70 – $90
Timber Ridge XXL Oversized Director’s Chair600 lbs19.7 x 28.1 x 34.6 inches120 – $150
LivingXL Heavy-Duty Oversized Camping Chair1000 lbs23″D x 26.5″W x 42.25″H100 – $120
KingCamp Heavy-Duty Folding Camp Chair350 lbs26.2″D x 23.6″W x 41.3″H$90 – $100

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Camping Chair

The Specs

Weight capacity: 800 lbs
Chair weight: 12.5 lbs
Chair dimensions: 20″D x 38″W x 38″H
Seat height: 18 inches
Frame material: steel
Seat Material: polyester
Color options: khaki, clay, charcoal, blue, grey, red & green.
Price range: $80 – $100

The King Kong chair has one of the highest weight capacities on this list, as it can hold up to 800 lbs of body weight. So be reassured it can comfortably hold your weight, especially with its strong powder-coated steel frame, which is anti-rust. It also comes with an anti-rip 600D polyester seat fabric that is bound to remain firm while comfortably cushions your butt and back.

Another great feature of this chair is that it is collapsible, and you can carry it all the way to your campsite or spot. With the help of a carry bag, it came with, the weight of the chair is manageably 12.5 lbs.

Its additional features include a cup holder for late-night camping hot cocoa or burning afternoon cold beverage/beer. Side pockets are also available to store your books or even your phones.


  • It's portable
  • It comes in many colors
  • High weight capacity
  • Durable frame & fabric
  • Comes with a cup holder & side pockets


  • It's not cushioned/padded
  • It still weighs 12.5 lbs
  • The Front part of the seat is elevated a bit more

Purchase Here

Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Oversized Chair

The Specs

Weight capacity: 400 lbs
Chair weight: 11.8lbs
Chair dimensions:  48 x 8 x 8 inches
Seat height: 20″
Frame material: steel
Seat Material: ripstop diamond polyester
Color options: blue, red, black, and so on…
Price range: $45 – $47

Kijaro's XXL Dual Lock Oversized Chair is on our list because it offers quality seating at the most affordable price. In addition, with a weight capacity of 400 lbs, it can comfortably hold as long as you're significantly below 400lbs. This is made possible due to the chair's tubing steel frame with a thickness of 0.87 inches.

Also, no sagging. The Kijaro chair consists of a diamond anti-rip polyester seat material which will remain firm throughout. While the back seat's more breathable because it's mesh.

Another feature that you'd like is the Kijaro's portability. The chair is a dual lock one with a carry strap attached to it, and it also comes with a carry bag. Weighing just 11.8lbs, you should easily carry it anywhere. The chair also offers lots of accessories. Such as two cup holders, zippered mesh pockets, and a carry bag.


  • Portable
  • Strong polyester seats
  • Breathable back seat
  • Extremely affordable
  • Strong steel frame


  • Its weight limit might be too small
  • The chair size could be too big
  • It can be too heavy

Purchase Here

Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

The Specs

Weight capacity: 600lbs
Chair weight: 10.6 lbs
Chair dimensions:  39 x 6.75 x 7.95 inches
Seat height: 18″
Frame material: steel
Seat Material: Synthetic
Color options: blue & tan
Price range: $45 – $50

This is an Oversized camping chair that is large enough to accommodate your body so you can easily lounge.

Along with its oversized seat are its large feet, which will provide stability for the chair's overall wider build. Also, the Coleman big-n-tall camping chair has a weight capacity of up to 600lbs. With a strong chair fabric that is water resistant. Thanks to its special draining system that helps to rid our remnants of standing water from rainfall or beverage spillovers.

The chair also comes with special accessories or add-ons. Such as water-resistant cell phone sleeves to protect your electric devices from water droplets. And a carry bag to safely transport your collapsible camping chair anywhere.


  • Up to 600 lbs of weight capacity
  • Water-resistant seat and cell phone sleeves
  • It's portable enough
  • It's a wider seat which is great for lounging
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • It comes with a cup holder


  • It could be too heavy for you
  • The chair might be too wide

Purchase Here

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized Recliner

The Specs

Weight capacity: 500lbs
Chair weight: 22.93 lbs
Chair dimensions: 30.5 x 28.5 x 43.5 inches
Seat height: 18″
Frame material: steel
Seat Material: polyester
Color options: brown & gray
Price range: $130 – $140

Another special product on our list is the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity chair. Our best zero-gravity choice yet. Why? Because it possesses special features like its patented sliding pillow mechanism. Which will allow you to enjoy both head and lumbar support. On top of that, the seats are padded well enough to provide comfort to your back, arms, and butt.

This chair model is more of a lounger as the seat standings are slanting instead of straight. You could even ready your back on the seat to make the chair a recliner. So you can reduce the stress on your stomach if it's a problem.

Also, you don't have to worry too much about its weight limit, as the Timber Ridge offers a seating weight capacity of up to 500lbs.

What does this chair come with? You're in luck! This chair has a side table with a special cup holder slot.


  • It is also a recliner
  • It comes with a side table and a cup holder
  • Its weight limit hits 500lbs
  • Very comfortable
  • Strong steel frame
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Wide seat


  • It's very heavy to transport
  • It may be hard to get in or out of

Purchase Here

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Folding Camping Chair

The Specs

Weight capacity: 450 lbs
Chair weight: 13 lbs
Chair dimensions: 24.8 x 38.17 x 39.37
Seat height: 18.89″
Frame material: stainless steel
Seat Material: Oxford fabric, mesh
Color options: black
Price range: $70 – $90

Alpha Camp is known for making outdoor and camping gear. This heavy-duty camping chair is no different as it consists of a durable weather-resistant steel frame with water (&heat) wicking mesh and Oxford fabric. Apart from its stress-resistant level, its frame and mesh can withstand heavy weight. With a weight limit of 450lbs and rip-resistant fabric, the chair should easily distribute its body weight.

Another great feature of this camping chair is its portability. Given that it weighs just 13lbs, you can easily carry this chair to your favorite place on foot after collapsing it, especially with its own carry bag.

What else does this chair come with? The Alpha Camp Heavy-duty Camping Chair comes with side pockets for your phones, books, snacks, and so on. The chair also has a special drink holder and a cooler bag to help keep your cold drinks cool.


  • Very portable
  • Durable stainless-steel frame
  • Very stable
  • Wide seat
  • It has side storage pockets, a drink holder, and a cooler bag


  • It may be too low for you
  • The arms aren't stable

Purchase Here

Timber Ridge XXL Oversized Director's Chair

The Specs

Weight capacity: 600 lbs
Chair weight: 24 lbs
Chair dimensions: 19.7 x 28.1 x 34.6 inches
Seat height: 18″
Frame material: steel
Seat Material: polyester
Color options: gray
Price range: $120 – $150

Here's another Timber Ridge model of a heavy-duty camping chair on our list. Its clear difference from our other Timber Ridge pick is its weight capacity of 600lbs, which is quite high. It also has a wider seat than our previous pick from this brand, thus making it convenient to sink into the chair comfortably.

Like our former pick, it consists of a durable build, such as a 600d polyester seat material and a weatherproof 25mm steel tube frame with powder coating. The chair also offers padded seating to provide your back with extra comfort. It does not stop there, as the chair also offers ultimate convenience with its special side table. There are also side pockets on the chair for any small item.


  • Easy to use
  • Wider seats
  • Durable frame and chair fabric
  • It comes with a side table and side pockets


  • Very heavy
  • It might be too tall and expensive

Purchase Here

LivingXL Heavy-Duty Oversized Camping Chair

The Specs

Weight capacity: 1000 lbs
Chair weight: 15lbs
Chair dimensions: Dimensions23″D x 26.5″W x 42.25″H
Seat height: 19″
Frame material: nylon
Seat Material: polyester
Color options: blue, black & charcoal
Price range: $100 – $120

This chair is for you if your weight is above average. Why? The Living XL heavy-duty camping chair offers the highest weight limit on our list, 1000 lbs. Its overall build is quite impressively firm and durable, even though it lacks a steel frame but possesses a strong plastic one (nylon).

Its seat material is also quite durable, as it's made of fully padded polyester with a rating of 600-denier. This means the chair should evenly distribute your weight without causing rips or strains on the seat.

The chair is also a portable one that comes with a carry bag. Due to its small 15-pound weight, you should find it easy to carry this chair on foot to your favorite spot. Be it the beach, camping spot, or your kid's soccer game.


  • Very high weight limit
  • Padded seats
  • Lightweight
  • Wide seats
  • Durable build
  • It has a cup holder


  • It may be too tall
  • Lacks lumbar support

Purchase Here

KingCamp Heavy-Duty Folding Camp Chair

The Specs

Weight capacity: 350lbs
Chair weight: 11.9lbs
Chair dimensions: 26.2″D x 23.6″W x 41.3″H
Seat height: 18 inches
Frame material: steel
Seat Material: mesh
Color options: black, navy blue & gray
Price range: $90 – $100

Like the Living XL lacks lumbar support, the KingCamp's heavy-duty chair possesses it. Thanks to its special lumbar support system, which involves strapping the backrest towards your lower back.

With a weight limit of 350 lbs, the chair can't handle excess body weight like most other chairs on this list. However, if you don't surpass the weight limit, you will enjoy its overall support. The KingCamp camping chair possesses a sturdy build with a strong steel tubular frame and Oxford fabric that boasts 300-D (good thick anti-rip fabric).

This heavy-duty camping chair is quite portable. With a weight of just 11.3 lbs should be able to carry to your favorite spot. Far easier than most of the picks on our list because it is the lightest.

What else does the chair offer? The KingCamp heavy-duty camping chair offers several accessories such as a cup holder, cooler bag, head pocket, & side pockets.

King Camp Chair Pockets


  • Lightweight & comfortable chair
  • Durable steel frame
  • Strong seating material
  • Superb lumbar support system


  • Its weight limit could be low
  • The seat is narrow

Purchase Here

The Verdict

What's our top pick? The camping chair we recommend for you is the King Kong camping chair. Why? It offers a significantly high weight limit, a regular seat height of 18″, a durable steel frame, and a 600d seating material. All for the price of $100 or less.

Purchase Here

Do you weigh close to 500lbs? If so, you should go for a higher seat limit, as the living XL heavy-duty chair boasts a 1000 lbs weight limit. However, its seat height is higher (20″).

Are you on a tight budget? Then, to enjoy a heavy chair's standard features for a cheap price, you should get the Kijaro XXL Dual Lock oversized chair. It cost less than $50. But if you're ready to spend more on a camping chair, then the timber ridge XXL Oversized director's is the convenient choice.

Prefer a recliner? The closest pick we have on the list to a recliner is the Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity chair. You can lay back while the footrests spring up.

Purchase Here

Looking for something easier to carry? Although camping chairs are portable, some can still be a chore to carry. But not the Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair. It's the lightest heavy-duty camping chair on our list (weighing just 11.8 lbs).

Do you have wider hips? If so, the appropriate pick is the ALPHA CAMP Oversized Folding Camping Chair. It has a wider seat of up to 38.17 inches. But if you're looking for something with a narrower seat, the KingKamp Heavy-Duty Folding Camp Chair should suffice.

What You Need Before You Start Shopping for a Heavy-Duty Camping Chair

Before you browse the internet for the right camping chair for you, you need to do some homework. And there are two aspects of this homework: the first is some self-measurements, while the other is extra factors to make your purchase better:

Wide and Sturdy Camping Chairs

Measure your weight

The first thing to do is to confirm your actual weight. Doing this will give you a good idea of the camping chair that should accommodate your weight. The chair must accommodate a weight capacity that's at least 50 lbs more than your weight. You must do this to avoid damaging the chair. Even if it's not damaged right away. You'll definitely find it really hard to be comfortable.

Measure your height

Apart from your weight, you should also measure your height. Doing this will give you an idea of how high your seat height should be. For instance, if you're short, the appropriate size for your comfort should be closer to the ground. On the other hand, if you're tall, your camping chair seat should be high enough to properly distribute your weight.

Also, measure your waist

Doing this will give you a good idea of how wide your seat should be. Narrower or wider.

Other Things to Consider

Here are the factors you should consider when shopping for a heavy-duty camping chair:

Your comfort

The Comfort level of heavy duty is the most essential aspect you must take note of. And the best way to Gauge this is by confirming two things: can the chair hold your weight and your frame comfortably? Once you get these two, other indicators can follow, such as a padded seat cushion, headrest, or even lumbar support.

Amount of use

Another feature you should take note of is its amount of use. What does this mean? This means you should consider how long you use the chair daily. The appropriate chair should offer you ultimate comfort for 24 hours. There's no point going for a chair that offers comfort for just 12 hours or 14 hours a day.

Chairs for Camping

How do you know if a chair can offer up to 24 hours of comfort? A heavy-duty chair must have a higher enough weight carrying capacity to offer such. Far higher than your body weight.

For instance, a heavy-duty chair with a small weight capacity of 700 lbs. can provide 24/7 comfort if the user weighs up to 300lbs. However, the same user can't enjoy such a chair with a carrying capacity of 450lbs.

Chair weight and ease of portability

If you prefer to transport your camping equipment with a vehicle, you should find it easy to transport your heavy camping chair. However, if you prefer a more portable option, you should choose the ones that weigh less. Such chairs are usually made of cushion-less fabrics and durable plastics. They could weigh just like 4 lbs. but can take your weight of 300lbs and a little bit above.

Extra features

On the feature side, one more thing you have to consider is the accessories. They'd help out a lot in making your experience easier. Accessories such as a cup or phone holder will include refreshments and entertainment in your relaxation sessions.

Also, if it's not a cup holder you fancy, you may prefer a side table. Or a detachable pillow for lumbar support.

Camping Chair Cell Phone Pocket


When shopping for a heavy-duty chair, you should look at storage. Do you wish to store your chair after use? If so, then the appropriate chair for you has to be a collapsible one. A chair with such a feature lasts longer because you can easily store it in a smaller place, far from terrible weather and environmental conditions.

Your budget

How much you plan to spend will significantly affect your choices. How? A lower budget will narrow your options, as more specific decisions tend to be expensive. However, a bigger one will widen your options, and you most likely find a quality chair for your money. Although, there are rare occasions where you'll find affordable ones with all the right features.


What is the weight limit for a camping chair?

The weight limit of a camping chair is the amount of body weight it can hold. If you surpass the weight limit, you’re at risk of damaging the chair and hurting yourself.

How do I care for my heavy-duty camping chair?

Heavy-duty camping chairs are supposed to be durable enough to last longer than an average camping chair because it's tasked to handle heavy weight. However, despite their durability, such chairs still need maintenance to last even longer.

For your heavy-duty camping chair to the last longer, you must:

  • Avoid exceeding the weight limit

Ensure your chair's weight-carrying capacity is far above your body weight so you can enjoy prolonged comfort. Doing this will also keep you from crushing the chair or forcing it to deform due to the heavyweight.

  • Keep the chair clean

When you let gunk and stains from food and campsite dirt build up on the fabric or on the surface of your metal/plastic frame, you're causing slow damage. Before you know it, the joints could be too stiff to fold. Or weakened enough to incur significant damages.

  • Lubricate your chair

From time to time, you should lubricate the metal or plastic joints (or any moving part) on your heavy-duty chair. This practice will keep your heavy-duty camping chair from stiffening so that you can easily recline and/or fold it up after use.

How much weight does a plastic lawn chair hold?

Most plastic lawn chairs can hold between 300 to 800 lbs. of body weight. If you're looking for a camping chair with higher weight-carrying capacities it would be best if you went for the ones with the metal frames. They can go above 1000 lbs. However, such chairs can be hefty.

How accurate is the chair's weight capacity?

It's just about right. Sort of. Because the idea behind a chair's weight-carrying capacity is to hold a specific range of body weight.

At least we know that if you surpass its limit, the chair will get damaged quicker. That's how accurate it can be. However, most manufacturers don't take into account other caveats like:

  • the chair having different users of different weights that will tamper with its weight-carrying capacity
  • Or some users would sometimes stretch while sitting or flop down in such a way it'll strain the chair

Overall, the weight limit on any heavy-duty chair can be valid for a good time (years) before it's no longer valid.

Our Final Say about Camping Chairs for Heavy People / Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

After testing out loads of heavy-duty camping chairs, any of our top 8 picks should match your requirements. All you have to do is follow the guide carefully to find your ideal choice. As we've broken down what to do pre-shopping and during shopping.

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