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The Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit: Our Review

By · February 8, 2023

“Come on over and sit by the fire”.

What a welcoming invitation to gather around a fire with friends and family to roast marshmallows, or just relax and enjoy a cool evening. Kind of hard to do when you can’t get out of the city, or you live in an apartment and a balcony is your only outside.

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Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit

Bring warmth to the table. Mesa is the tabletop fire pit made to elevate your space’s aesthetic. With Dual Fuel capability and Signature 360° Airflow, anyone can easily ignite and enjoy a smokeless fire.

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Solo Stove Mesa
Solo Stove Mesa

Solo Stove has made this invitation possible with the Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit to bring the fire to your next outdoor gathering. Or maybe you just want that added touch on a chilly evening over a glass of wine. The Solo Stove Mesa is a portable, smoke-free tabletop fire pit that brings a new version of what that phrase means to the top of your table.

Perfect for around the pool, as a centerpiece at a backyard get-together, the Mesa is a functional table-top centerpiece with several advantages over a fire pit. Designed to bring everyone around the table for food, fun, warmth, and ambiance.

The Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit is a balcony-friendly, apartment-friendly way to bring the fireside to your next gathering.

Solo Stove Mesa on Balcony

Uses for the Solo Stove Mesa

Marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers are ingredients for a delicious treat and now you don’t have to wait till the summer camping vacation to enjoy this tasty fire time favorite.

You can enjoy a S’more right now!

Solo Stove Mesa Making Smores

One of the best parts of the Solo Stove Mesa is the ways you can use it. Pack it in the car for car-camping, it's small size makes it a perfect addition for a picnic. And it is lightweight enough to carry over to a friend’s balcony to fire roast some hotdogs. 

Not going anywhere for the weekend? Set it out next to the pool on a table and let the Mesa light up the evening pool party. Small in stature, it will still warm up the night and add a beautiful touch to your next party.  

Solo Stove Mesa by Pool

As a centerpiece of a romantic dinner, it goes beyond a simple candle, and would definitely be a hit. The Mesa’s smoke-free burn gives all the ambiance without the smoke.

 What Makes the Solo Stove Mesa Unique?

What makes the Solo Mesa unique is in the details. Compatible with both wood and pellets, you have options in what type of fuel to burn. Combined with 360° degree air-flow at the bottom of the Mesa you can get a roaring little fire whether burning pellets or hardwood.

Having this dual fuel option is one of the things that makes this fire pit unique.

Definitely hot enough to get a hotdog roasted or achieve that golden brown marshmallow for perfect chocolate s’mores. Backyard, poolside, balcony, or out on the porch, the uniqueness of this tabletop fire pit won’t go unnoticed.

The availability of decorative colors makes for style uniqueness as well. This is a stylish version of a torch-lit dining experience with your own little fire right on the table. The outer ceramic covering is also a new feature for Solo Stove.

Mesa Color Mulberry

Advantages and Disadvantages of this Tiny Tabletop Fire Pit


One of the advantages of this tiny tabletop fire pit is that it is a tiny tabletop fire pit. This Solo Stove is sized to fit on any small table.

A compact and portable fire pit that doesn't produce a ton of ashes, and again because of the 360° airflow it’s smokeless.

One advantage would be the availability of choosing from 5 different colors and a stainless-steel version. The colors are Deep Olive, Mulberry, Bone, Ash, and Water. The beauty of stainless steel is the way it will patina over time; this plus the other choices gives you a wide range of decorative options.

Solo Stove Mesa Colors


Disadvantages would be the size as well. You will need to feed the fire more often when using traditional firewood, a small detail but when everyone is gathered around trying to roast a marshmallow it may be tricky. But an advantage in the disadvantage category is the price, so you could set up more than one.

Another possible disadvantage would be when you use the pellets you would have to have an additional type of fire starter. So, needing to remember to bring along the starter, stove and pellets might be a check in the con section.

What is Included When You Order the Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit?

Included when you purchase the Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit

  • Stainless steel stand
  • Stainless steel fire ring
  • Pellet adapter
  • Convenient nylon carrying bag

Everything about this set-up is meant to be easily handled and taken with you.

 How Does the Solo Stove Mesa Compare to Other Solo Stove Fire Pits?

Mesa5.1 in6.9 in1.4 lbs$84.99
Ranger15 in12.5 in15 lbs$199.99
BonFire19.5 in14 in20 lbs$239.99
Yukon27 in17 in38 lbs$439.99

Our Verdict

The Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit is a well-designed addition to their already amazing lineup of backyard outdoor fire pits. Small in stature, Mesa brings a delightful way to bring the element of fire without all the smoke or hassle.

Compact and ready to head out for a day, it's lightweight enough to even carry in a backpack. For car camping or backyard tabletop, the Mesa delivers in heat and decorative style.

Coming in several colors to accent your personal taste and style while being a functional mini fire pit where a few of your closest friends can gather around and roast a few hotdogs or marshmallows without creating a fire hazard on your balcony or your back porch.

Whether used as a centerpiece or end table, a tabletop fire pit adds atmosphere and ambiance. This little woodburning fire pit is a perfect addition and a great way to add light and the glowing warmth that a fire can bring and would far out shine a single candle.  Remember that this is a fire pit and it will get hot, take care in handling and don't try to move it until it's completely cooled off.

Top Pick
Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit

Bring warmth to the table. Mesa is the tabletop fire pit made to elevate your space’s aesthetic. With Dual Fuel capability and Signature 360° Airflow, anyone can easily ignite and enjoy a smokeless fire.

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Solo Stove Mesa

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