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The Top “Must-Have” Reclining Patio Chairs

By · January 5, 2023

Do you use regular patio furniture to relax after a long day of adulting? How's that fairing out for you? My guess is that it's not so good and you still have to carry body strains to sleep at night. That is exactly why you need to learn more about reclining patio chairs. Read on…

What if I told you can end that problem by switching your regular patio furniture with a proper patio recliner chair?

You'll feel 1,000 times better, trust me.

Back cramps, neck pains, and many more sitting strains you have to put up with will no longer be part of your daily life. Especially if you're using one of the best patio recliners today's market has to offer.

Relaxing on Patio in Reclining Chairs

In this post, we've vetted up to 6 patio recliner chairs for you, each with its own different ways of providing you the comfort and convenience you need.

So please read on to find out your best reclining patio chair now!

Why Do I Need a Reclining Patio Chair?

For the comfort and health benefits, of course…

If you've never used a patio recliner chair before, then you've probably had to make due with rust-iron patio sofas and chairs.

By God!

Those can be really hard on your back and legs, no? Even if the rust-iron chair has deep-seating cushions, its stiffness won't be endearing, and your body weight would still be resting on your joints. But with a recliner chair, you avoid all these caveats and then get to actually relax.

Please, Read on to find out how patio recliner chairs are beneficial to your comfort and health:

Proper lumbar support – One of the benefits of using a patio recliner chair is its lumbar support. This feature will provide your lower back with relief while offering you several other health benefits:

  • Reduction in the risk of incurring back injury
  • Corrective spinal cord alignment
  • Overall better posture.
Lumbar Support

Improved mobility – Another great benefit is that it'll help you improve your mobility. How? With a recliner, you no longer need to seek assistance before you get to relax. This is because most recliners are designed to enable easier access and exit for its users.

Note: Such recliners that are able to provide this function are the ones of the lounge design, as it is more mobility conscious.

Better Blood Circulation – Sitting on a regular chair in a particular position for a long time will bring pain to your joints. Because your weight will have to rest on them. This, in turn, will inhibit free blood circulation around your body. You can prevent such a thing with a reclining patio chair.

As patio recliner chairs offer proper body weight distribution. Such that there will be no pressure on your joints, back, or neck. This will then cause blood to flow freely within your body, as you rest at that perfect angle.

Pain Relief – You need a recliner patio chair if you have recurring back and neck pains. Because it offers various features to help reduce your pain. How? A proper recliner chair will provide you with better body weight distribution. This will free your joints of the pressure and allow blood to flow optimally, so there will be no stiff sensation around your body or swollen joints.

Note: There are also unique electric reclining patio chairs that possess features that can offer you a massage to relinquish your back pain. Some models even go as far as providing their users with heat therapy.

Stress Relief – A recliner will also offer you better stress relief than your regular patio sofa ever could. This is because the reclining patio chair possesses lumbar support, a better reclining angle, and even a deep tissue massage function.

Outdoor Recliner Chair

What To Look For in an Outdoor Reclining Patio Chair

When shopping for the best outdoor reclining patio chair, you need to consider several factors, such as the following:

Is it comfortable?

The first factor you need to confirm when buying a proper patio recliner chair is its comfort level. Is it ergonomic enough to keep you very comfortable?

You can do this by noting certain things like:

  • Is the cushion thick and soft enough for your back?
  • Is the headrest padded and does the recliner have a lumbar support pillow?
  • Are the recline angles wide enough to match your preference?
Comfortable in Chair

Size: Will it fit on my patio?

Another factor to consider is its size.

  • Is it too big or too small for your outdoor patio?
  • Or for your body type?

Well, one thing is for sure is that the recliner chair must be easier to rest on. This means it must accommodate your body size so it can rest up your back, neck, arms, and legs. And what good is a patio chair if the patio is much too small for it. The result could be poor comfort or at worse a terrible accident.

Note: you can easily find the appropriate size for you if you compare it with the size of your favorite chair at home. So you might need a tape rule for this one.

What style do I prefer?

In today's market, reclining patio chairs come in various styles that can easily spice up your patio area. So when searching for the right choice, you should compare it with your taste or the style of your home decor.

What kind of maintenance does it require?

When selecting the best patio recliner chair, you need to also take into account the kind of maintenance it will require. And you need to confirm if it's easier for you or not.

A good example are the recliner chairs with zippered cushions. These are far easier to clean because you can take out the cushion fabrics and wash them separately. And most times these fabrics are machine-washable.

Unfortunately, not all recliners come with zippered take note before you purchase a recliner.

Note: But if you just can't let go of your find then it's OK to sacrifice one factor for your best pick.

Does it need to be stored? Is storage easy?

When buying a recliner chair, you should consider whether you wish to store it after use or not.

If you don't, you can use outdoor furniture covers.

Recliner Folded

But if you do, then you need to get the collapsible model. They'll offer you the kind of portability that'll allow you to carry the recliner pretty much anywhere. Be it the park, the beach, or even your son's soccer game.

Reclining Patio Chairs Best List

1. Best Overall – Hanover Ventura Luxury Patio Recliner

The Specs:

Dimensions (with cushions): 17″”H x 25″”L x 21″”W

Frame material: steel, aluminum

Seat Material: Olefin fabric, cushions

Weight capacity: 250lbs

Color options: ocean blue, navy blue, crimson red, and Vintage meadow

Added bonuses: throw pillows

Price range: $580 – $620

Hanover Ventura's recliner chair is considered the best out of all the six picks because of three key attributes:

●     Superior pain-relieving ergonomics

●     Far better durability

●     Very convenient design.

Regarding its ergonomics, we give this luxury recliner chair a 10 out of 10 as it possesses soft and thick deep-seating cushions which will offer your back, lower back, arms, neck, knees, and feet far better relief than any other recliners in this round-up.

Its durability factor is also the highest according to our standards because it consists of certain features such as olefin fabric. And also, a sturdy, anti-rust steel frame allows it to withstand any season of the year.

Olefin fabric? The olefin fabric works better at keeping your cushions cool all day, and at the same time, it's anti-stain and can wick out water.

In terms of convenience, Hannover Ventura is also the winner. Especially with its lever-less reclining mechanism, which will save you from stressful backrest adjustments. Another convenient feature of the recliner is its size which is ok to fit on a small patio. It's also relatively easy to assemble in less time.


  • It is very comfortable to use
  • It's portable and small enough to fit on a small patio
  • It's easy to assemble
  • It's effortless to recline the backrest
  • It can withstand harsh environmental conditions


  • You may find it hard to lock the backrest into a specific recline angle
  • The fabric is not removable

Purchase Here

2. Best Wicker – Grand Patio Wicker Reclining Patio Chair

The Specs

Dimensions: 31″D x 26″W x 42″H

Frame material: steel

Seat Material: Olefin

Weight capacity: 330lbs

Color options: peacock blue, beige, cool gray, flax

Added bonuses: one throw pillow

Price range: $340 – $400

The grand patio Wicker recliner chair is dubbed the best Wicker model in this round-up. Why? Because it's covered in enough resin weave to wick out heat, sweat, and rainfall water droplets for up to 3000 hours. So, you get to enjoy a cool, dry, and relaxing experience in all years seasons.

Apart from the resin weave, the grand patio Wicker recliner also offers durable cushion fabric known as olefin. This fabric does well to prevent any spill-up from being permanent. The best part about the material on this recliner is that you can easily remove and wash them separately by unzipping them.

The convenience doesn't stop there, as its soft and thick deep-seating cushioned backrest can recline up to 150° back with the help of a lever on the recliner's right side. On the other side of the recliner, you'll find a concealable mini pallet for keeping your cool drinks or ashtray. Also, it has a 330lbs carrying capacity which would be an excellent choice for plus size.


  • Comfortable Deep-seated cushions
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Very Affordable
  • Can fit in small patio
  • It's best at wicking out heat and liquids
  • High weight capacity
  • Collapsible
  • It has a mini table on the side
  • Comes with a footrest


  • The Lever system may be uncomfortable

Purchase Here

3. Best Metal – Ulax Furniture Outdoor Metal Patio Recliner Chair

The Specs

Dimensions: 31″D x 26″W x 42″H

Frame material: steel, metal

Seat Material: Olefin fabric

Weight capacity: 300lbs

Color options: red, mist, navy, and Beige. Added bonuses: none

Price range: $230 – $310

The Ulax patio recliner chair is our most stylish pick due to its all-metal body and modern design. A good example is its curved armrest and anti-rust alloy steel mesh side design, which can go well with most outdoor settings.

It's also one of our convenient picks. Why? Because the recliner is small enough to fit into any outdoor setting or even your small patio area. The recliner also possesses super convenient features like the lever-less reclining system for uninterrupted comfort. Especially when you're already deep in, enjoying its soft, thick, and big-sized deep-seated cushions.

Speaking of cushions, the ones on this recliner are covered with 100% olefin fabrics. This means no spills will soak in, and your recliner will remain cool all day. However, its anti-rust steel build may not be that repellant to UV rays.


  • Stylish choice
  • Big sized cushions
  • Wright capacity of 300lbs
  • Lever less reclining
  • It can fit into a small patio


  • Not so easy to assemble
  • You'll need an outdoor furniture cover
  • Exposed metal parts could get too hot
  • Hard to maintain or move
  • No headrest

Purchase Here

4. Best Zero-Gravity – KINGBO Oversized Zero Gravity Reclining Patio Chair

Oversized Zero Gravity Reclining Chair

The Specs

Dimensions: Material

Frame material: alloy steel

Seat Material: polyester

Weight capacity: 500lbs

Color options: black

Added bonuses: detachable headrest, cup holder

Price range: $150 – $160

Kingbo zero gravity recliner chair is our heavy-duty anti-gravity pick because it has a weight limit of up to 500lbs. With a carrying capacity that high, it's definitely a recliner with a very sturdy build. How? The recliner is supported by solid steel anti-rust black tubes that withstand harsh weather conditions.

This tube holds a solid and comfortable polyester fabric base to support your back. Along with this fabric is a detachable soft cushion with a strap-able head/lumbar support and an adjustable lever that can recline the chair upright and at an angle of 170°. With all these combined, you're sure to enjoy a comfortable rest while you have a cool cup of lemonade in the cup holder.

Another great feature of this recliner is its portability. You can fold it up in less than a minute and store it in a small area.


  • (WARNING) Extremely comfortable
  • It's Portable
  • It can fit on a small patio
  • You can carry it to any outdoor setting (beach, poolside, camping, or even your porch)
  • Very affordable
  • You can recline the chair as far back as 170°
  • Can support up to 500lbs


  • It would be best if you had a lever to recline
  • The cushion may not be thick enough
  • Only comes in black

Purchase Here

5. Best Lounger – Waroom Wicker Adjustable Reclining Chaise Lounge

The Specs

Dimensions: 78″D x 25.6″W x 15″H

Frame material: steel

Seat Material: polyester

Weight capacity: 300lbs

Color options: royal blue

Added bonuses: side table

Price range: $350 – $400

This is not your regular patio recliner with a footrest; it's more of a Chaise Lounge chair which is very large and long. Perfect for taller users (6”4′ at most), and It is also ideal for plus-size users. This is because the lounge chair has a sturdy steel frame that can handle up to 300lbs of body weight.

It also has a thick and highly resilient sponge foam that will help relieve your body of stress or pain. Same with the trappable headrest for neck comfort and up to five reclining positions you can easily toggle with a button.

Apart from being comfortable, the cushions are also durable and easy to maintain. For one, the polyester waterproof fabric keeps the foam dry all day. It can be easily removed and ready for machine washing.

Does it get hot? No. Even if the sun scorches your patio space, your foam and chair will remain calm throughout the summer. This is so because its steel frame is reinforced with a hand-woven rattan weave, which is best at resisting UV rays.


  • Up to 5 reclining positions
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Sturdy build
  • Great for all seasons
  • Best for taller and bigger users
  • Water, stain, and sun-proof
  • It has a side table for your magazines and drinks


  • Not so good for a shorter user
  • Assembly is time-consuming

Purchase Here

6. Best Value – Best Choice Zero Gravity Patio Recliners

The Specs

Dimensions: 32.5″D x 25″W x 44″H

Frame material: steel

Seat Material: steel mesh

Weight capacity: 250lbs

Color options: blue, beige, brown, black, burgundy, burnt orange. Cobalt blue, gray, pink, sand, and more.

Added bonuses: cup/ phone holder

Price range: $99 – $120

What's better than one zero-gravity patio recliner? It's two zero-gravity Patio recliners at just $120 or slightly more. Both of which are ergonomically ready to turn your hectic day into a blissful one with your spouse. How? With the help of the recliner's comfy and flexible Textilene fabric. Be clear of the recliner's cushion-less designs. These bad boys can put you and your partner to sleep before you both know it! (along with its padded headrest and its several adjustable reclining angles).

And don't worry. It's not going to rip apart unless, for some reason, you're above 250lbs right now; then, you shouldn't give it a try. But here's what you should give a try: Carry it along to the beach, park, heck, even your kid's soccer game. Because this recliner is extremely portable, it takes just the side knobs to loosen it up before you fold it for storage.

Another great feature to note with this recliner is its ultimate convenience. From its quick assembly down to its detachable cup/phone holder.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • It's Sturdy enough
  • It has a durable steel frame and water / UV-proof fabric materials
  • Great for you and your partner
  • It's small enough to fit into any patio space
  • It comes in a lot of colors


  • No cushion
  • Adjusting to recline is somewhat of a chore

Purchase Here

Our Overall Thoughts

If you're looking for an all-around excellent patio recliner chair that offers ultimate comfort, convenience, and assured durability, choose the Hanover Ventura Luxury Patio Recliner. However, if you're more concerned about wicking out excess heat. In that case, you can't do it any better than the grand patio Wicker Reclining Chair.

The comfortable Ulax metal patio recliner chair is the best choice to add a more modern style to your patio. But suppose the goal is to accommodate your weight. In that case, your safer bets are with the Kingbo oversized zero-gravity recliner chair. Because it has a weight threshold of up to 500lbs.

Kingbo Oversized Chair

Do you have a small budget? Then go for our best value pick: the zero gravity recliner chair. This package deal includes two recliner chairs for a good price which'll be great for you and your partner.

Do you have mobility issues? If so then you should go for the Waroom Wicker adjustable reclining lounge Chaise chair is the most mobility-friendly pick out of all 6. This is because its design makes getting in and out easier.


Q: What is the best material for a reclining patio chair?

A: The most durable reclining patio chair that can withstand terrible weather conditions is one with a sturdy aluminum frame and polypropylene fabric. This combo is ideal because the coated aluminum is rust-resistant. In addition, the fabric handles UV rays far better than most fabrics or materials.

Q: What are the most popular designs of outdoor reclining patio chairs?

A: There are three of these designs:

The traditional lounger: this outdoor recliner design keeps its users naturally in a horizontal position, with a back recliner that goes forward instead of backward. It's the best design for users with back problems or mobility issues.

Reclining armchair: this design recliner chair has its resting position as a sitting position. And you use a lever (mechanically or electrically) to recline back into a suitable angle.

Patio Recliner with a footstool: another popular design is the patio recliner with a detached footstool. This design is usually the best if you have a small patio space.

Q: What is the best patio recliner for relaxing in the sun?

A: Out of all 6 picks we mentioned earlier, the grand patio Wicker Reclining Patio Chair is the ultimate choice for handling the harsh scorching sun.

What Features Should I Consider When Choosing a Patio Recliner?

There are tons of top recliner patio chairs in the market today, so choosing the right one can take time and effort. To help facilitate and narrow down your search, here are the following features you should consider:


An excellent way to start your search is to take note of the cushions because it's more like the main component in charge of your comfort. And it must be soft or firm enough to distribute your weight evenly across the recliner chair.

You also have to take note of the cushion's fabric quality. The right one will allow your patio reclining chair to withstand worse weather conditions. For instance, if the cushion fabric is made of polypropylene, the chair will easily handle extreme UV rays from the sun. Far better than most fabrics.

Recliner Cushion


Another feature you should consider is the color, and it should be the one that blends well with your patio. If you're an avid gardener, you can even choose a color that should match your garden.

Colors for Cushions


These parts are usually just strictly in charge of evenly distributing your arms. Still, in some cases, they can serve as a lever. For instance, you can find such a mechanism in our overall best pick, the Hanover Ventura Luxury Patio Recliner. How does it work? It allows users to hold the armrest and recline the chair with their weight.

Cup holders

Suppose you're one to enjoy a drink while you relax in your patio area. In that case, you should definitely get a recliner chair with a cup holder. However, you could be luckier to get one with a phone holder like the best zero gravity recliner chair.

Side table

Apart from cup holders, you can also look for other accessories like a side table to place your magazines and refreshments like the Waroom Wicker Chaise Lounge chair.

Side Table on Chair

Degree of recline

To get more bang for your buck, it's best to get a recliner that can recline. The ideal standard you can compare with is a wide reclining range, usually between 100 to 140°.

Outdoor Recliner Chair


Suppose your patio space happens to be too small or you have ample enough storage space. In that case, you should prioritize a portable patio recliner chair like the best zero gravity recliner chair.


Given that your recliner chair is a seat that will hold so much weight, it should have a holding capacity or, you could say, “seating” capacity. Out of all 6 picks, Kingbo zero gravity has the highest seating capacity of 500lbs.


A Reclining patio chair is an outdoor furniture which will definitely expose you to UV rays.

But you can avoid this if your recliner chair comes with a unique accessory known as a canopy. This feature, in particular, will save you from sunburns anytime you fall

asleep into the hottest afternoon.

Chair with Canopy

Places to Use an Outdoor Reclining Chair

There are loads of places where you can use outdoor recliner chairs. Such as:


Instead of sitting on hardened wooden logs near a campfire or any other uncomfortable campsite furniture, you can use your recliner chair. So that you can enjoy the warm fire or camp experience while relieving yourself of body stress.

Camping in Recliner Chair


As the name suggests, it is a reclining patio chair, so it's designed to fit into a patio space.

Front porch

Just like the patio, you can also use your reclining patio chair on your front porch. You'll be able to enjoy the view while you relax your back, butt, arms, and head.

Recliner Chair on Patio


If you love to visit the Poolside, you should carry along your patio recliner chair to make your experience much more relaxing. The chair would be a far better alternative to any Poolside, possibly hardened wood furniture. The Waroom and Kingbo zero-gravity recliner chair would be great choices, because of their portability.

Lounger by Pool

Ball game

Ball games are one of the places you should carry a patio recliner, especially if it's your kid's game you'll watch after a long day of work. This patio chair would serve you better than the stadium or ball pitch's hard and stiff wooden or plastic bleachers.

Get yourself a recliner; your back deserves it…

Recliner chairs offer what regulars can't and that's complete back support in all positions: from sitting to lounging.

But the hard part is choosing the right one that can offer you such benefits conveniently, which is the best? So, when you're looking for the best recliners of the bunch, you should closely look into the factors we mentioned earlier and various must-have features. With the right combination you should find the right recliner that'll match the comfort level you seek.

Hopefully out of the 6 we've vetted for you.

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