Zipfy Sled – Why You Need One

By · April 8, 2021

Sledding is one of the greatest joys of winter. Adults and children alike take pleasure in whizzing down the nearest – and biggest – hill they can find; spending hours having fun in the snow. Take your sled to the next level with the Zipfy sled!

There are a few variables that can make or break the sledding experience such as the quality of the snow – too wet or not enough make for a slow go, the temperature outside – too warm and the snow disappears quickly too cold and you’ll get frostbite, and the type of sled chosen.

Everything from a trash bag, metal saucer to plastic toboggans can offer a means to get down the hill. Although you can get by with any of the above and no doubt have a good time, why not invest in something guaranteed to upgrade that sledding experience from just okay to amazing.

The Zipfy sled is a sled worthy of showing off to friends and neighbors after that next big snowstorm. Because unlike average sleds, the Zipfy has a few unique features that turn sledding into a true adventure!

Zipfy Sled


Going down the hill is thrilling! Getting back up? Not so much! The Zipfy makes getting back up that hill so much less of a chore because it only weighs a total of 3.5 pounds. This sled is light enough for use by all family members and will ensure a longer day of sledding by reducing the fatigue from carrying a heavy sled up a steep hill.

Kids with Zipfy Sled

Unique Design of Zipfy Sled

Feet first is the way to go down the hill for maximum speed, but also gives the user more control for sudden stops to avoid collisions and potential injury. Also going feet first lets the sledder be more aware of the surroundings, which makes it easier to take on different and more challenging territories.

Unique Design of the Zipfy Sled

Professional Maneuvers

The exclusive design of molding the handle to the base lets the sledder rip and cut down the hill with precise moves that will mirror Olympic style slalom runs! This is what really sets the Zipfy sled apart from other sleds. That old fashioned toboggan can’t touch the kind excitement or rush you can get from sledding on a Zipfy.

Kid on the Zipfy Sled


Made from a hard density polyethylene, the Zipfy is built to last through many winters. The flimsy plastic sleds bought from the big box stores usually only make it through one season. The Zipfy is a smart investment for winter fun because it stands the test of time and will save you from having to replace your sleds every year. And it will do all this while being able to hold adults up to 250 pounds.

Compact and Portable

You won’t have to stay close to home because transporting your sleds is too cumbersome and bulky. Just find the biggest hill in town, throw your Zipfys in the back of the SUV, and have some real fun!! The dimensions of the Zipfy are 21” long x 13” wide x 16” tall, so hitting the road is easy with the Zipfy.

This makes it perfect for taking along on that ski vacation or to Grandma’s house over winter break as well.

Zipfy Sled Conclusion

The Zipfy sled is a great addition to your backyard entertainment for your family. Sledding is not only fun, but it is also great exercise and something that even the smallest family members can participate in with help.

Take sledding to the next level this winter with the Zipfy sled and don’t look back! Sledding on the Zipfy can be the reward everyone looks forward to after shoveling out from that latest snowstorm.

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