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Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit: Our Expert Review

By · November 1, 2022

A multi-functional design with added features that bring the warmth and coziness of the fire along with the festive feeling of an outdoor get-together with grilled food and good times all wrapped up in a fire pit.

Several features make this wood burning fire pit a great addition to the backyard, patio, or deck. Safety is key when firing up a steel fire pit and precautions should be considered when setting up your firepit.

Let's take a look at the Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Firepit and see why I think that this little firepit is a functional, budget-friendly, first-timer-friendly introduction to the backyard firepit.   

Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Firepit

Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit: Everything You Need to Know

Let me give you a run down about everything I think is important to mention on this firepit.

When looking for a firepit you want something that is stable and sturdy. It needs to hold enough wood to have a decent fire that can warm an area. Portability is also a feature for the smaller pits because sometimes you want to be able to pack it up and take it somewhere, or just move it around the yard.

Weighing 27lbs makes this alloy steel pit portable and with the 32 inch deep and 24 in around main fire compartment you can definitely get a fire stoked. The 32-inch diameter includes an outer ledge than can be used to lay your grill tools on or a mug of cocoa, which is a pretty neat feature. It stands 25 inches tall with an adjustable grill that swivels to either side and can be adjusted for height with ease. 

Bali Fire Pit on Patio

Stability comes from its 4 legs and a stability ring that wraps around them ensuring an extra stable, no-wobble stance. You will need to bear in mind that it sits low, so a firebrick foundation is necessary for wood decks, and be forewarned it will scorch your grass.

Amazon rates this fire pit 4.6 out 5.0. There are a few issues that could be better, but overall for a dual purpose pit/grill it's a solid little fire pit that won’t bust your piggy bank.

My Thoughts on the Bali Outdoors Fire Pit

The goal of a fire pit is a simple one. Provide a place to build a fire so you don’t have to dig a hole in the lawn or build a fire ring. The Bali Outdoors Fire Pit achieves the basic level of a fire pit and then builds upon that simplicity. Not only does it achieve the basic goal but throws in an added feature, or two.

All in all, it assembles easily and provides a place to build a fire and to grill some burgers or vegetables. Functionality is not an issue. It definitely should last for a few years.

What Makes this Outdoor Fire Pit a Must-Have?

The thing I liked most about this firepit was its size. Not by far the biggest pit available but for a patio or normal size backyard it was a perfect fit. And since we’re on the subject, its size makes it quite portable and can be thrown into an RV or into the back of a pickup without having to call several people to help.

Bali Fire Pit Beach

The 360° mesh makes it possible to enjoy the fire from anywhere around it, which is a notable feature in case you're having to move around to escape the smoke.

Drawbacks of the Bali Wood Burning Fire Pit

Some of the things that might be considered a drawback would be that there’s no real functional way to put on a screen to stop the embers from floating up and out.

Fire Pit Spark Lid

And another thing is the lack of drain holes in the bottom to let any water in that might accumulate.

What Would Make This Wood Burning Fire Pit Even Better?

This pit could use some extras, like a spark lid, and a cover. Also holes in the bottom of the fire pan would definitely help keep it from rusting. And maybe a slightly larger grill.

Fire Pit Drain Holes

Should You Buy the Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit?

If you are looking for an affordable little fire pit that you can grill some food on and you’re not looking for anything too fancy, then this firepit is functional and a good value.

There are things missing, such as a spark cover and you will need to make a fire brick foundation for it to keep from burning your deck or your lawn.

Someone looking for a budget pit and a decent sized grill should definitely think about buying this firepit.


1. Does the Bali Outdoors Fire Pit come with a cover?

No, Bali Outdoors Fire Pits do not come with a cover.

2. What is the best thing to burn in the Bali Fire Pit?

The best thing to burn in the BaliFire Pit would be well-seasoned firewood.

3. Can I leave the fire pit out in the winter?

You can leave the fire pit out in the winter but a cover is a good idea to keep the fire pan from collecting water and rusting.

4. Can the height of the Bali Outdoors Fire Pit grill be adjusted?

Yes, the height can be adjusted up and down and is secured with adjustable screws.

How Does the Bali Outdoors Fire Pit Compare to Other Wood Burning Fire Pits?

Bali Outdoors$169.8132”D x 32’ W x25” H27 lbsbest choice for grilling and fire pit
Sunnydaze Fire Pit$199.4940” D x 40” W x 21.25 “H27 lbsno grill, spark cap
Lehman's Fire Pit$44915” H x 32-½ “ OD62 lbsheavy duty, bigger grill
Solo Stove$499.9929” D x 29” W x 18.5” H40.35 lbslow smoke, stainless steel
Yaheetech Combo Pit$82.9931”D x 31.97”W x 14.37” H22.7 lbscooking grate not included

Sunnydaze Fire Pit

The Sunnydaze pit is a bit larger than the Bali Outdoors, but they both weigh about the same. They both have an outside ledge, the main difference is that the Sunnydaze has a spark screen. Comparatively, these two fire pits are relatively the same with a couple of feature differences. Bali stands out because of the grill.

Purchase Here

Lehman's Fire Pit

The Lehmans backyard fire pit is not quite in the same price range, retailing at $449. I don't feel like they are in the same category as budget-friendly portable grills due to the price range. The Lehmans grill diameter is 25 in OD. This would give it a higher rating for anyone wanting to cook for more people at once. The overall weight is 67 lbs which is 3x the weight of the Bali.

Purchase Here

Solo Stove

The Solo Stove adds a bit more style and science to their pits, with air circulation vents that increase the airflow and create a better burn. The styles are night and day.

Bali Outdoors is a backyard grill, a sit-around-the-campfire style fire pit, while the Solo is a modern stylish fire pit made of stainless steel with no grill capabilities. The low smoke production of the Solo would be appealing to some.

Purchase Here

Yaheetech Combo Pit

The Yaheetech is a cool combination with bbq and cooler capabilities. This “pit” reminds me of the hibachi-style grill. It doesn’t seem to be super sturdy. There are no 360° views of the fire or any moveable parts except the top lid, which appears to be super flimsy.

This pit seems more of a novelty than an actual firepit like the Bali Outdoors.

The Bali Outdoors firepit ranks better in review.

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How to Get Your Backyard Fire Going

When humans learned to make fire the world changed. Getting your backyard fire can be as challenging as you want to make it. One of the easiest ways is to use the teepee method or cone method. Begin with some crumbled newspaper or another source of tinder, stack your kindling over that and then stack your wood and then light the tinder. The triangle rack of the Bali will make building this type of fire a lot easier.

If you want super easy you can buy some commercial fire starter sticks or bricks. There is also a special wood called fatwood, made up of pine resin, a very flammable natural resin. When you buy your firewood or go out and collect it, look for that fatwood. There are boxes of fatwood you can find online but they aren’t cheap.

A word of caution, one reviewer reported that a super-hot fire they built in the Bali Outdoor Pit actually damaged the firepit. Stoke that fire but within reason and remember some woods burn hotter than others.

Honestly these days there are fire logs and fire starters that can be purchased, but there’s something about a piece of cured firewood, the smell and the crackle. You will recognize the difference if you experiment a bit.

Best Foods to Prepare on Your Outdoor Fire Pit Cooking Grill

Burgers, chicken, hotdogs, steaks, and vegetables can all be grilled. The space is limited on this grill, but you can definitely throw them on the grill. You might even try a pizza.

Swivel Grill

A cautionary tale, when the fat from the meats hit the flames its fuel to the fire.

Propane vs Wood Burning Fire Pits

The biggest difference between propane and wood burning fire pits is the fire. If you're looking for a traditional campfire feel then wood burning is the way to go. Now with that in mind, propane fire pits have some advantages.

Propane burns cleaner, there is no smoke, and they are safer because there are no sparks or embers, and insurance wise they don’t affect your policy as much.

Maintenance of the propane pit would be minimal compared to the wood-burning fire pit, and storing fuel would require less room and mess. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day what you are looking for in a fire pit is what is going to add to your backyard enjoyment. The size, type of fuel, functionality, maintenance, and style, are important factors in purchasing the fire pit.

The Bali Outdoors Wood-Burning Firepit is a functional, budget-friendly, capable little grill that will add to your backyard the beauty of a fire, a way to prepare food to be shared, and a centerpiece to gather around.

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