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Everything You Need to Know About the Solo Stove

By · March 5, 2021

One of the greatest activities of the summer is sitting around a fire with family and friends on a warm evening. Whether it is a campfire, a fire pit in the driveway, or a backyard fire ring, there is just something about sitting in the dark enjoying the warmth and glow of a nighttime blaze. While the experience is typically an enjoyable one, even a summer fire has its downfalls – smoke in your eyes, a chill in the air, the smell that penetrates its way into your clothes and hair, learn how a Solo Stove can help solve these problems.

If you love backyard fires but are tired of battling the shortcomings listed above, then you may want to consider one of these innovative products designed by Solo Stove. This brand offers a line of sophisticated and efficient fire pits, camp stoves, and even a grill. They all utilize a unique patented airflow design that allows you to burn wood more efficiently with virtually no smoke and no smoky smell.

Roasting Smores on Solo Stove

Read on for a more detailed look at each of Solo Stove’s distinctive products. Fire pits and camp stoves that come in a variety of sizes for every need or to fit a certain area of the yard. As well as a variety of accessories to help with every activity you may want to do around the fire, all you need to provide is the wood to burn. There is truly something for everyone!

What Makes the Solo Stove Unique?

When talking about the Solo Stove, we are not just talking about one individual product, but rather the brand behind a whole line of innovative and unique apparatuses designed for burning wood. From fire pits to camp stoves, all Solo Stove’s merchandise is built with a signature airflow design that makes it stand out from other backyard wood burning products.

360° Airflow Design™ – The feature that makes the Solo Stove most unique is its Signature 360° Airflow Design™. The use of strategically placed holes both at the bottom and top, along with a double-wall structure, allows for air to be drawn in from the bottom, fueling the fire at its base. Preheated oxygen then makes its way through the top holes to fuel the higher flames. This increase in airflow and a secondary burn is super-efficient, resulting in plenty of heat, very little smoke, and a warm, enjoyable fire. This method of wood burning is also extremely enjoyable to watch. And on an even better note, your Solo Stove fire will burn for hours leaving a surprisingly small amount of ash behind.

Solo Stove Parts

Smokeless – As mentioned above, the unique airflow design of the Solo Stove makes it a virtually smokeless way to enjoy a backyard fire pit or sit around a campfire. With airflow moving through holes on the top and bottom, smoke is merely circulated along with the airflow, never leaving the structure, and making its way to your eyes, hair, and clothes.

Portable – How many times have you wanted to move the fire pit to a neighbor’s house for a party or simply move the party from the front to the backyard? Most fire pits are big and bulky making them hard to carry, while others are built right into the ground not designed to move at all. But with the Solo Stove you can pick it up and take it with you. Its light, yet durable, stainless steel structure makes it portable so you can take your campfire or fire pit anywhere. And for those who love camping, the various sizes of camp stoves are a great way to cook while out in the open. They are so light and compact you can easily pack them with you in a camping bag or backpack. Except for the largest fire pit, the Yukon, all of the Solo Stove products are considered portable and even have a perfectly sized carrying case. 

Solo Stove Carrying Case

Parts of the Stove

Each of the parts of the Solo Stove play a vital role in its functioning. The parts are specially designed to work together to maximize air flow and the amount of heat that is put out while burning wood. While it may seem secondary, these parts are also making clean-up of your Solo Stove fire pit or camp stove a breeze.

Both the fire pit and camp stove lines from Solo Stove are designed with the same basic principle in mind. They each come in varying sizes but perform the same task at the same efficiency while using the same basic parts. A couple of these parts are differentiated between a fire pit and a camp stove only because they serve a slightly different purpose. Mainly that the camp stove is equipped with a part that allows you to cook or boil water over the top while the fire pits do not.

For the purpose of describing the following parts we will use the brand “Solo Stove” to synonymously describe the fire pit and camp stove products.

Burn Chamber – This is the main body of the Solo Stove. It is equipped both on the top and bottom with vent holes. The walls of the burn chamber are constructed in a double layer of 304 stainless steel. The burn chamber houses the other parts of the Solo Stove and holds that wood while it is burning.

Base Plate – The Base plate is positioned near the bottom of the burn chamber. Wood is placed directly on the base plate for burning. The holes in the bottom of the base plate allow oxygen to be fed from the bottom vent holes directly to the embers to keep the fire burning hotter and faster. They also allow ash from the burning logs to fall out and not block the burning process. On the camp stove this part is referred to as the nichrome wire grate.

Ash Pan – The ash pan serves a dual purpose. First it catches loose ash as it falls from the base plate above. This keeps the ash out of the way of the crucial air flow. Secondly, the ash pan is a barrier between the burning fire and the bottom of the solo stove so that heat does not scorch the ground underneath it.

Vent Holes – Solo Stove’s vent holes are one of the things that make it a truly unique product unlike any other fire pit. There are two sets of vent holes located at both the top and the bottom. As the combustion process uses up oxygen and hot air rises, the bottom vent holes allow air to be pulled in to fuel the base of the fire. The then pre-heated oxygen is fed through the upper vent holes to fuel the flame at the top of the fire, allowing for a hotter fire with less smoke.

Fire Ring – On the fire pits it is a fire ring, on the cook stoves it is a cooking ring. Both parts serve the purpose of directing heat up and keeping the fire centered and even. They also act as a windscreen to keep flames from blowing and creating smoke. The fire and cooking ring can be removed and stored inside of the burn chamber during transportation. There are two hooks situated on the cooking ring to assist in holding pots and accessories while heating food or water.

Solo Stove How it Works

Solo Stove Fire Pits

Solo Stove is best known for their line of fire pits that were designed for backyard and residential use. However, they are also portable enough to use while camping, on the beach, or anywhere you want to enjoy the warmth and glow of a natural burning fire. The Ranger and Bonfire each come with a black carrying case with handles that makes transporting them even easier.

There are three models of Solo Stove fire pits to choose from, the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon. They are all designed with the same unique, double-wall structure for an efficient burn with maximum heat and little smoke. The only significant different between the three is their different size. We all have different ideas of a backyard fire pit. The choice is yours on the size you choose and completely depends on the number of people you will have enjoying the flames, how portable you want it to be, or how much space you have for storage.

Fire Pit Comparison

Find the details below for each of the popular Solo Stove models.


Weight: 15 pounds

Size: 12.5” tall, 15” base diameter, 13” fire ring diameter

Fuel: up to 12” long logs, holds 4-6

Price: $200

Solo Stove Ranger

Ranger is the smallest fire pit from Solo Stove. It is compact and lightweight, making it “the world’s most portable fire pit” they offer. Whether you are camping in the mountains, roasting s’mores in your own backyard, or basking in its glow while on the beach after swimming all day, the Ranger can go wherever you want to take it. 

Purchase the Solo Stove Ranger Here


Weight: 20 pounds

Size: 14” tall, 19.5” base diameter, 17.5” fire ring diameter

Fuel: up to 16” long logs, holds 4-6

Price: $260

Solo Stove Bonfire

The Solo Stove Bonfire is the mid-range fire pit and is also their best-seller. It is a little bit larger than the Ranger so is perfect for burning slightly larger logs with a larger flame and more heat. But it is still lightweight enough to move around the yard or even throw it in the trunk to take to the neighbors or carry to your campsite.

Purchase the Solo Stove Bonfire Here


Weight: 38 pounds

Size: 16” tall, 27” base diameter, 23” fire ring diameter

Fuel: up to 22” long logs, holds 8-10

Price: $470

Solo Stove Yukon

The Yukon is Solo Stove’s big boy. It is the perfect model for making memories or celebrating around a backyard fire pit with all your family and friends. Gather around it for “the biggest, baddest flame out there” and roast some s’mores, cook some hot dogs, or simply to stay warm on a cool night under the stars. Large enough to hold up to 10 logs, the Yukon is perfect for larger gatherings.

Purchase the Solo Stove Yukon Here

Solo Stove Camp Stoves

The Solo Stove Camp Stove is where Solo Stove’s vision began. They wanted to design a product that was easy to take along to any campsite, even one that required you to hike and carry everything in. Their line of camp stove models is perfect for stopping on the trail for a quick bite, or for packing along while camping to use to boil water or cook a small meal. They use the same efficient burn process as the fire pits but are small enough to only need twigs, sticks, pinecones, or other biomass that can be found along the trail in order to create a hot and smokeless flame.

Camp Stove Comparison

There are numerous accessories that come along with the Camp Stoves including the perfectly sized cooking pot for whichever model you choose. The pots are even designed so the stove can nest right inside of it to keep it compact while storing. Solo Stove also makes windscreens to protect you stove from high gusts, fire steel to assist in starting the flame, and an alcohol burner in case all the fuel you can find happens to be wet from a rainy night. A tripod can also be used with the Titan and Campfire models to adjust the height of your cooking pot if you want to cook something slower or just keep it warm without allowing the pot to be too close to the flame.

Solo Stove Camp Stove Cooking Food

Learn more about each of the Solo Stove Camp Stove models below:


Weight: 9 ounces

Size: 5.7 inches tall, 4.25 inches wide

Fuel: Sticks, twigs, pinecones

Cooks for: 1-2 people

Price: $65


The smallest camp stove on the market, the Solo Stove Lite weighs in at less than a pound. With just a few sticks and twigs you can light this ultralight stove quickly and have water boiling in less than 10 minutes. The handiest of the stoves to take with you on a hiking trip or to make a cup of tea while fishing by the river, this stove can easily be packed in a backpack.


Weight: 16.5 ounces

Size: 7.9 inches tall, 5.1 inches wide

Fuel: Sticks, twigs, pinecones

Cooks for: 2-4 people

Price: $80


Weighing in a just over a pound, the Solo Stove Titan is still small enough to pack along on a camping trip but large enough to prepare water or a meal for two. It uses the mid-sized Solo Pot 1800 which will easily make a hot stew or tasty one-pot meal in a matter of minutes. Using the same innovative technology as all of the other Solo Stove products, the Titan simply requires a few twigs or sticks to get your low-smoke, high-heat fire started in no time.


Weight: 2.2 pounds

Size: 9.25 inches tall, 7 inches wide

Fuel: Sticks, twigs, pinecones

Cooks for: 4+ people

Price: $100


Perfect to take along while camping or even to use as a source for a backyard fire, the Solo Stove Campfire is the largest of the Camp Stoves. It can heat a pot of food large enough for at least 4 people and is also large enough to simply roast hot dogs or marshmallows over the open flame. While it may not be small enough to fit in a backpack to use along the trail, this camp stove is still compact enough to fit in with the rest of your camping gear. It is also the perfect size to store in the RV and use as a fire pit to sit around on a cool night. Its larger Solo Pot 4000 is a great size for cooking pasta, soup, or a one-pot dessert.

In Conclusion

If your family loves camping or simply enjoys a night of making memories around a campfire, any of these products from Solo Stove are worth checking out. They all come with a line of accessories including alcohol burners, shields, roasting sticks, carrying cases and much more. You can learn more about these accessories in our next Solo Stove article coming soon. And if that is not enough to make you love the Solo Stove, every one of their orders ships for free within the U.S. and can also be returned free of charge in the rare case you are unsatisfied. There is also a lifetime warranty on every Solo Stove product to be free of manufacturing defects.

Burning Wood

With their innovative burning technique and ease of only needing wood to get started, the Solo Stove offers the hottest, most efficient burn with little smoke to breath in or leave a smell on your clothes. It is the perfect product for a backyard fire pit with neighbors, a place to warm up on a cool night on the beach, or to take along and cook your favorite wilderness meal while camping.

Find and Purchase all of the Solo Stove Fire Pits and Camp Stoves Here

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