Snow Joe Shovel – Back Saving Telescoping Snow Shovel: Our Review

By · October 22, 2022

Shoveling snow probably ranks in the top 10 worst chores of being a homeowner and chances are if you live in a snowy climate you have confronted – and tried – the many options for snow removal. Prepare to learn more about the Snow Joe Shovel… 

Snowblowers are great, but even if you own one you still need to shovel in those places the snowblower cannot effectively clear or if the weight of the snow is just too heavy for the snowblower to tackle.

Regular, off the rack shovels are heavy and cumbersome, making the task much more difficult and adding stress and strain to back and joints. Not only is this uncomfortable for the user, but also dangerous as the risk of heart attack is high with this activity.

The good news is there is a shovel that can make life in the cold snowy winters easier and it is smart to have one on hand in preparation for that next blizzard.

The Snow Joe SJ-SHLV20 Shovelution Back Saving Telescoping Snow Shovel is the answer to your back breaking shoveling prayers.

Designed with your safety and comfort in mind this shovel has some amazing, unique features!

“Shovelution” Technology of the Snow Joe Shovel

This innovative solution to reducing the stress and strain on your lower back is truly groundbreaking. The science behind the process is simple-it uses the force from “throwing” with your upper body to propel the lifting action of your lower hand giving you more power with less effort which helps you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Spring Assisted Handles

The specially designed handles reduce the stress to your lower back and keep your posture aligned while shoveling allowing you to shovel longer and cover more ground with less fatigue. The spring- loaded action snaps back into play after each shovel full, so you do not have to mess with trying to reset.

Shatterproof Blade

The 20” tough shatterproof blade is durable and will last without cracking or breaking, even when hitting ice. Another great bonus in this design is the tough aluminum metal strip to help break through and break up those big ice chunks and frozen layers of snow without the need for another tool.

Telescoping handle

Adjustable to any height, this important feature allows the user to comfortably position the handles to a height that makes sense for a custom like fit! Anyone from 5’1 to over 6’0 will be able to successfully maneuver this shovel thanks to this accommodating detail.

In Conclusion about the Snow Joe Shovel

The Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Shovel is highly rated, especially by senior citizens who report that both the smart design of the shovel and the light weight make it especially easy to use.  It is also very easy to assemble, and its durability has testimony from many users who say it lasts through many winters unlike less expensive models that tend to break or bend, especially when shoveling very heavy, very wet snow.

Using the Snow Joe

The Shovelution by Snow Joe is a shovel that comes in at a slightly higher price point than its snow removing counterparts. Costing around $30.00 compared to $15.00 for a basic model shovel without any back- saving features, but definitely worth the extra cost if you have to shovel multiple times throughout the winter months.

The Snow Joe Back Saving Shovel reduces back strain by 30% and if you are shoveling heavy snow and ice several times a year that is a statistic you want to pay attention to, particularly if you are someone prone to having back problems. Shoveling snow is one of the most strenuous activities and having the right equipment that is specifically created to reduce injury and fatigue is important.

Snow Shovel Mechanicals

Come spring and summertime when moving dirt and mulch around the yard, the Shovelution is also a handy tool to have. The same spring- loaded action and technology that saves your back in the winter will also save you year- round in the yard and garden. And because the handle can be adjusted it is suitable for everyone in the family to use.

Taking the time to shop for a reliable shovel before you need it is key. Getting caught with a forecasted storm and no shovel can leave you in a bind when there are none to be found at your local home improvement store or if there is no time to wait on shipping. Basic shovels do not adjust and add more time and the potential for serious injury to the labor- intensive task of snow shoveling so it makes perfect sense find a shovel that makes life easier like the Snow Joe Shovelution Back Saving Telescoping Snow Shovel. It is available online and at local home improvement stores.

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