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By · October 21, 2022

Spending time outdoors in any season is a fantastic way to get fresh air, exercise and be together with family, friends, and neighbors. Having a yard to play in is a great bonus for any homeowner and the accumulation of favorite toys, sports equipment and various things used for outside hobbies can present a challenge when it comes to storing them. Read more about different outdoor toy storage options.

It can be tough finding a solution for an out of sight but still accessible choice that is not only aesthetically pleasing but easy for smaller family members to access without assistance. When considering options for outdoor toy storage, think about the amount of space available to dedicate as well as what type of container will best blend in with yard theme and décor.

Take a look at some of these popular ideas for stashing away those most used items that will make storage and retrieval easy for everyone.

Storage Sheds for Toy Storage

Erecting a storage shed on your property will definitely give you plenty of room to conceal outdoor toys when not in use. If there is enough room in the back yard to do so, putting up a shed will afford you the benefit of not having to upgrade or continually add to available storage and also give the flexibility of being able to store larger items like bicycles or motorized riding toys.

There are many choices for sheds from permanent professionally constructed units to do it yourself prefab kits that can be added quickly and instantly be available for use.

This engineered storage shed is available for sale at many local home improvements stores and can be painted or decorated to look like an extension of the house. Roomy and made of wood, a structure like this one has the potential to hold a lot of your outdoor gear and because of its sound construction and treated lumber it will also stand against bad weather and rust.

Also readily available and easy to install are the traditional cabinets that are made from plastic or resin. This is probably the most utilized option for storing all the outdoor necessities due to its sturdiness and super easy installation. They are also very attractively priced, so it is a practical answer to the outdoor storage question.

Benches or Boxes for Toy Storage

A great choice for a smaller yard or on a patio or deck, is a bench with hidden storage that can pull double duty as seating. Wooden benches that blend right in with existing patio sets can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes and offer enough space to keep most smaller toys tucked away from sight. Benches are also easy for little ones to lift up and down to access their playthings.

Resin toy boxes can be grouped together on the porch or the deck depending upon the amount of storage that is needed. The great thing about using the toy box is your kids probably have one inside so accessing one outside won’t prove difficult for them. Another bonus is they are usually always in stock so if you find that you require more space to store toys as the summer goes on, the solution is close by and easy to get.

Benches and boxes are great choices if you aren’t looking to store large items or a ton of toys. Some are more utilitarian, and some are a bit fancier and can actually become a part of your outdoor furniture by adding matching seat pads.

Other Outdoor Toy Storage Options

If you really want to think outside the toy box, there are plenty of cool, creative things you can use to store outdoor toys.

Milk crates have been used for centuries (well maybe not but it sure seems that way) to hold our treasures and using them outdoors is a great option for storing toys. In this tutorial, you can see how easy it is to secure a few to your existing fencing. Using plastic milk crates is economical and awesome for kids because everything is out in the open so finding what they are looking for is a breeze.

If you simply would like a place to put all the outdoor toys that is easily reachable and can be hidden from view in the garage, consider building or buying a rolling storage cart. These carts can hold a days’ worth of fun that can be rolled out when the kids are ready to play and then rolled back in when play time is over.

Outdoor toy storage is something to think about once you notice the toys and sport equipment start piling up on the lawn. Don’t wait for the collection to take over-be proactive and get proper storage in place that suits your budget and style before you need it.

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