Seasonal Decorating Ideas Using Wooden Whiskey Barrels

By · December 18, 2020

Wooden whiskey barrels are a wonderful way to add charm and whimsy to any outdoor garden space. Available in many sizes from small to very large, this versatile planter can be used in several ways to embellish and enhance outdoor décor for each season.

Wooden Whiskey Barrels


Transforming the barrel into a winter landscape display is easy! Using what nature provides such as pine branches, (use as is, or spray paint white or silver), holly berries and leaves, pinecones and twigs is a simple way to gather up and repurpose yard waste while creating a pretty statement piece in a barrel.

Winter decorations for whiskey barrel

Adorn the outside of the barrel with a red velvet ribbon, a strand of twinkle lights and some silver bells for a cute holiday themed barrel that will last the entire season.

The whiskey barrel can also house individual pine trees of any type that can be decorated with lights and ornaments-perfect for bringing the holiday spirit to the front porch.

Christmas tree


Springtime calls for bright colors and the welcoming of the warmer temps and longer days. This is a great time to fill a whiskey barrel with all the beautiful spring flowers that everyone looks forward to seeing every year-daffodils, pansies, hyacinths, and tulips can all be planted with ease in the barrel.

Adding an old-fashioned water pump or a tin watering can to the barrel further adds to that spring theme and highlights the playfulness of the display.

Another way to display the whiskey barrel planter, is to tip the barrel on its side and arrange the soil and flowers in a way to appear as if they are “spilling” out of the barrel. Displaying in this way is a cute alternative to the traditional way of filling the barrel from the bottom up.

Whiskey barrel with flowers


Just like spring, summer offers a chance to exhibit some of the best and brightest flowers available and using the whiskey barrel as a porch planter is such a simple way to add a touch of old charm to the front porch.  Daffodils, begonias, and inpatients can all be added to the barrel as main events, with plants like phlox and salvia can be incorporated as fun fillers.

Summer whiskey barrel idea

To get a “spilling” effect for the whiskey barrel while upright, use plants like ivy and sweet potato vine that will grow over and cascade down the sides of the barrel for a great visual treat. Stacking up whiskey barrel planters of varying sizes is another way to create visually stunning topiaries using cascading plants and flowers.

Herb gardens are a fantastic way to use a whiskey barrel planter in the garden or on the patio. Rosemary, basil, thyme, and oregano all thrive in containers, so this is an easy way to plant multiple varieties in one planter.


Nature gifts us with a gorgeous palette of color and some amazing plants and flowers that are simple to incorporate into a themed whiskey barrel garden. Mums, marigolds, and wild cabbage all will thrive in a container and lend a seasonal touch to the outdoor décor.

Mums in whiskey barrel

The whiskey barrel can also be filled with pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and dried corn for a fun display of favorite autumn finds. Decorating the barrel with themed ribbon in the burnet oranges and golden yellows of fall is another great way to add personal touch and individual style.

Pumpkins in whiskey barrel

Other Ideas

The wooden whiskey barrel is a highly versatile prop for the outdoor space. Thinking outside the planter box, the barrel also makes a great place to put a fountain. The pump kit and accessories can all be found at a local home improvement store such as this one for under $30.00. A backyard or patio fountain provides soothing and relaxing sounds to sitting areas, further enhancing the meditative benefits of spending time outdoors.

Whiskey barrel water fountain

Keeping with the water theme, fish can also be added to the barrel to create a backyard pond for your garden. Goldfish, guppies, and minnows all do well in a barrel pond and keep the mosquitos in check.

A fairy garden is an excellent way to get children excited about the outdoors, the whiskey barrel planter is the perfect size to create one for little hands. Fill the barrel with soil, sand or stone and then go wild with accessories, tiny plants, and fun garden scenes. The fairy garden can be a permanent fixture that children can add to and change with the seasons.

Fair garden whiskey barrel

When planning seasonal décor and landscapes for the outdoor space, a whiskey barrel planter is a must have inexpensive adornment for both the front and back yards.

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