Flower of the Month: Do you Know your Birth Flower?

By · May 23, 2017

Flowers have a long association with birthdays. Imagine the look of awe and joy in the faces of your loved ones, when they receive flowers from you. Flowers always make the best choice to impress someone, especially on their birthday. Everyone likes gifting and getting flowers on birthdays, but you definitely need to gift something unique.

Did you know, like birthstones, every month also has a birth flower? Each flower represents something and is filled with significant characteristic relating to the individual. You can turn your ordinary flower gift into an amazing one by surprising a person with their month’s birth flower. Make the birthday memorable for that special someone by giving them a great floral present.

Do you know which flower corresponds to each month of a year? Well, here are some floral gifting ideas for making the most of one’s birthday, depending on the month of their birthday:

January Birth Flower

Carnations, commonly called as the “Flowers of God,” are flowers belonging to the species Dianthus caryophyllus. These flowers are a symbol of love, distinction, and fascination. They usually have 5 petals and the florets come in different colors, like white, pink, yellow, green, purple, and more. Some types of border carnations may have upto 40 petals and they bloom as double flowers.

These flowers are native to Eurasia and are known to have been used for floral decors by the early Romans and Greeks. Though these flowers are exotic to Australia, they have been cultivated extensively for their commercial purposes. They can be cultivated in gardens and grow well during the spring. They produce bisexual flowers, which usually blooms as forked or branched clusters.

Carnations also come in three types, like the largely flowered carnations that has one large flower in each stem, spray carnations with a lot of wide spread small flowers, and dwarf carnations that has a cluster of flowers in each stem. They make the best birthday present for all the January bloomers, because it reflects deep love, admiration, and brings good luck.

February Birth Flower

Primrose, the birth flower for the month of February, is also called the evening flower for their beautiful floral arrangement that blooms in the late evening. They have bright flowers with 4 petals and flower for over a longer duration from the late spring to the early summers. These mild citrus scented flowers attract hummingbirds and are a great visual treat when in full bloom.

Primrose is native to Canada, and is grown in most states and other extreme parts of the U.S. They can literally grow anywhere, like in meadows, roadsides, in dunes, and even on beaches. The blossoms are capable of lasting only for a day or two and each plant is capable of producing several flowers over a period of time. These ancient flowers have also been used throughout the history in a variety of ways, like cooking and as medicine.

They come in different colors, like white, orange, cream, yellow, pink, and red. With their symbolic representation of virtue, wisdom, and modesty, they make a perfect birthday flower for the month of February. They make a generous tribute to your loved ones and their varied colors bring out the essence of February birthdays.

March Birth Flower

Daffodils, the flowers of unmatched beauty make the birth flower for the month of March. These flowers have trumpet-shaped petals that are set against a differently colored star-shaped stylus. These flowers symbolize pure friendship and belong to a family of constantly reoccurring flowers. They flourish during the moderate spring and bloom in clusters during the early spring.

They are native to the Mediterranean region, especially to the soil of Iberian Peninsula. They can also be extensively found in the Middle East and North Africa. They come in varied shades of yellow, like yellow and orange, white and yellow, and some hybrids also come in pink and lime-green. They are perennially flowering plants that grow from bulbs.

They make the best March birth flower and are also used as 10th wedding anniversary flowers. Daffodils are cheerful flowers that bring in good fortune and happiness. Make sure that you always gift them in bunches because a single bloom is believed to bring some misfortune. Next time, while going to meet that March born just take a bunch of daffodils with you to make the occasion spectacular.

April Birth Flower

Sweet pea, flowers of the April born, are a top choice for any floral décor. These climbers grow annually for a long period of time and come in a wide spectrum of colors. During the months of spring, these gorgeous looking flowers bloom for about a full month. The blossoms are ruffled in varying colors of pink, red, burgundy, and purple. They also give out a sweet scent and are a perfect present for all those born in April.

Though sweet peas are native to the Mediterranean region, they are extensively cultivated around various parts of the tropical and sub-tropical regions. These richly colored, delicate florets have a vast history dating back to the 17th century Italy, during when its seeds were sent to England for cultivation. Throughout the history the flowers have been cross bread and the sweet pea that we see today is a hybrid version of its predecessors.

This most popular gifting option symbolizes carefree innocence and a purity that conquers all. Buy them in different floral arrangements and make a personalized gift. Exemplifying joy and playful innocence, this birth flower of April will make a perfect scented, floral present for all those April born carefree souls.

May Birth Flower

Lilies, the perfect flower for the May born, are commonly found all across the globe. The flowers come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Many kinds of flowers, like day-lily, water-lily, arum-lily, and many other flowering plants are also called lilies. But true lilies are ones that grow from corms and bulbs, and they have fleshy scales. These flowers are usually planted during the spring or late fall and their bulbs are usually used for propagation.

These flowers have a long history and have also found its place in the ancient mythology. The early lilies were discovered in the valleys in Crete during the 1580 B.C and the Greeks have great association with this flower. These flowers symbolize refined beauty and purity, but based on the different colors they convey different meanings.

White lilies are associated with virginity and modesty, orange ones signify passion, and yellow and lily of the valley are known to reflect the sweetness of a person and the purity of their heart. They are also very popular gifting flowers, the cassablanca and stargazer lily bouquets are the most sought after floral decors and they make a great present for May borns.

June Birth Flower

Roses, the multi-petal flowers are available in a variety of colors and have been considered as the symbol of love for over a long time. Some varieties are known for their prickly thorns along the stem that’s used for deterring predators. They are available all-round the year and generally propagate through stem-cutting or seeds. They grow well during the months of February through March.

These plants of love have been known to have originated from China, which later went on to spread across the gulfs of Persia. Ancient Egyptians considered these flowers most sacred and offered it to their gods. It then went on to be cultivated all around the world and its quite famous for its wide range of colors, fragrance, size and many other attributes.

Roses are the symbol of beauty, love, and even war and politics. Roses, particularly red ones are popularly known to express ones love for the other. A bunch of white or orange roses or even a single rose is the best present you can give to a June born.

July Birth Flower

Delphinium, the flower of July birthdays is popularly called the “dolphin flower” because of the dolphin-like curved shape of the flowers. The flowers generally have five sepals and form a pocket or pouch at one end that houses the true petals. Blue delphiniums are the widely cultivated varieties, while they also come in other color ranges, like deep rich red, yellow, and even white.

These flowers are native to the northern hemisphere and its family includes more than 300 species of flowers. They can be cultivated all-round the year and flower especially during the summer and spring. They also have a calming fragrance and are known to vibrate a cooling presence during the summer.

Also called larkspur, these flowers boast tall spikes of vibrantly colored flowers that often come in hues of bright purple and blues. Delphiniums are associated with lightheartedness and an ardent attachment. They are also popular flowers for weddings and make the best present for all the July born.

August Birth Flower

Gladiolus is one great birth flower for those born in August. These flowers comprise of around 260 different flowering species and most of them are native to the sub-Saharas of South Africa. A few species are known to have originated from Eurasia. They have an impressive array of floral spikes that comes in different colors.

Also called sword lily, these herbs are attractive and flower perennially. They generally grow from corms and can be planted during the early spring, while the soil is still moist. These are dramatic flowers that often come in varying colors of pink, white, red, and shades of oranges. This flower has been praised by philosophers for its sensual gladiolus that represents pure romance.

This August’s birth flower signifies remembrance. Over time the flower was also used to represent strength, integrity, and intelligence in a person. This flower when placed in a beautiful floral arrangement is sure to provide the best gift for August born.

September Birth Flower

Asters, the flower of September, are beautiful perennials that are very popular for their showy flower heads and availability in a wide array of colors. These flowers can be seen growing wild in the valleys of southern Europe and North America. They are also called as Frost flowers and starworts, and the word aster signifies the star-shaped colors that come in different colors, like white, lavender, pink, purple, blue, and red, mostly with yellow centers.

These flowers are quite complicated and can be 1-1.5 inches long. Aster is not one single flower, they are a collection of numerous tiny tubular flowers that are held together as a single structure, and surrounded by a ray or petals. They generally bloom in the late summer and are a great choice of gifts for the September born.

With their lush texture and wildflower beauty, they symbolize transformation and good change. Some legends say that aster can hypnotize anyone, except for the purest of hearts. In ancient times, these magical flowers were believed to keep away evil serpents. They are the best talisman of love and also act as a symbol of patience for the September born.

October Birth Flower

October’s birth flower, the vivacious marigold, is native to the Mediterranean and has been celebrated for its utmost beauty and versatility. They are annual plants and can grow in almost all seasons. These flowers come in different colors of which orange and yellow are the most commonly occurring ones. Generally, they are classified under two types – tagetes and calendula. Tagetes marigolds are usually used for ornamental purposes, while calendula marigolds are edible and are extensively used for various purposes.

Throughout the history marigolds have been used across various cultures and they have served different purposes. Ancient Roman and Greek used marigolds for treating various health disorders and for creating cosmetics. These pungent odoured vibrant flowers also keep insects at bay and their wavy petals gives a good visual treat to the onlookers.

The intense color of marigold symbolizes deep passion and creativity in a person. The brilliant colors of these broad blooms are often associated with affection and grace. Marigolds wilt quickly when they are cut, make sure you send them fresh to your dearly October borns.

November Birth Flower

Chrysanthemum, the November birth flower is known for its vivid colors. They were known to have originated in China, from where they were taken to Japan some 1500 years ago. But only during the 18th century the flowers propagated to other parts of the world through Europe. The flowers greatly differ between species and are available in various sizes and shapes. They come in various shades of white, pink, purple, greed, red, and orange.

Each flower is actually formed by a cluster of many flowers with small flowers in the middle and surrounded by rings of larger ray flowers. These tropical flowers are originally grown in Eurasian regions for commercial purposes. They grow well in sunny weather and well-drained soil. They have long flowering periods and usually sowed after the rainy season, this gives enough time for them to grow and flower during autumn.

Chrysanthemum has numerous meanings related to them and they are also very popular florist flowers. These flowers are a symbol of optimism, joy, and fidelity. Their colors give out different meanings, like the red ones depict love, white chrysanthemums means loyal love and truthfulness, and yellow ones symbolize friendship. These November birth flowers make a perfect gift for that lovely person.

December Birth Flower

Poinsettia, the December birth flower, is something that you might have seen during the Christmas season. These brightly colored flowers make a good home décor and add charm to their surroundings. The bright red petals of these flowers are actually the bunch of upper portion of the leaves, called bracts. These flowers are usually red, but a few flowers also come in colors, like green or yellow.

These sub-tropical plants are often grown indoors, and they require some morning sun for healthy growth. They are usually planted during the early spring and for about two months they require light-free nights for survival. These plants are native to Central America and Mexico, but now they are cultivated under strict conditions almost in all parts of the world.

Poinsettia, also called the “Christmas Star” has been associated with Christmas. These flowers symbolize purity of heart and it’s used to convey the message “You’re the special one.” This is a fitting tribute to all the December born and it also adds to the merriment around them.


Fresh flowers always carry the rare combination of gentle charm and enigmatic power. They always convey the personal, intimate message of the giver and are the best choice for any occasions. Whether it’s a single rose flower or a floral arrangement of multiple flowers, they never fail to surprise that special person. You can make the occasion even more special by gifting a flower that symbolizes something that definitely means a lot to you.

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