21 Popular Gifts for Gardeners

By · May 24, 2017

Gardening is one of those awesome hobbies that will bring you closer to nature. Chances are that if you take up gardening as a hobby, you actually grow into a better person and become a gardener for a lifetime. All gardens aren’t the same; they change from time to time depending on the seasons, soil, landscape, and more. But all you need is little space in your backyard to start your own gardening ventures.

When it comes to surprising the gardening friend or family of yours, a simple present won’t be of much help. Buy them some amazing gardening tools and surprise them on their special day. Did you or your friend win the local gardening fest? Are you planning to encourage someone to take up gardening? You can find numerous gardening tools and products, both in online and offline shops that can make their day worth remembered.

Instead of presenting the same age old gifts for those ardent gardeners, excite them with some stunning gardening accessories that they will really love! Here’s a list of a few gardening tools, decorations, and many other gifting ideas for those passionate gardeners.

Garden Kneeler and Seat

Gardeners often end up hurting their knees and arms while in the middle of some gardening activity. A garden kneeler with a seat can come in handy at such times, making it easier for the gardener to go about doing their chores with ease. The garden kneeler has a soft foam padding that can cushion your knees from getting hurt.

It has a strong metallic frame that can be folded at times of storage. You can fold this kneeler and place it under your tool box or even carry it with your where ever you go. If you want to take some time off and enjoy a hot cup of tea, just flip over the kneeler and use it as a chair. Despite being a strong, multipurpose gardening helper tool, it’s also lightweight and makes a perfect gift for any hardcore gardener.

6 inch Crystal Ball

The crystal ball can make the best present for all those retired gardeners. The enchanting multicolored crystal balls along with its dark glossy wooden frame will add to the beauty of your garden. These balls are usually made of re-constituted crystals of Quartz that are absolutely lead-free. The crystal ball comes in various colors of blue, green, and also in its authentic glassy version.

They will make a good addition to your garden; place a few crystal balls among your potted plants or hanging gardens to bring out a great visual opulence. You can also leave it on your table adjoining the window to enjoy the view of your garden appearing on the crystal. Give that old, retired gardener a great view of his garden just through the crystal ball.

9 Piece Garden Set with Tote

This set includes 9 hand tools along with a pair of high-quality garden gloves and a customized spray bottle. It also comes with a carton that can hold all the gardening tools and makes storage easier. The entire set includes a hand rake, easy weeder, pruning shears, and a lightweight transplanter that makes gardening stress-free.

These tools have a cast aluminum body that ends in a comfortable handle. They are also lightweight and easy to be carried around because the built in storage has enough space to hold all the 9 essential gardening tools. If you see your friend gardening with their bare hands, gift this 9 piece garden set and make things simpler for them.

Garden Frenzy Decorative House Flag

Are you bored of those simple gardens? Do you want to add some grandeur to it? A decorative art flag can come in handy at such times. These flags and banners can be used both indoors and outdoors to add some visual magnificence to your simple looking garden or backyard.

These flags are made of 100% polyester materials that are UV, Water, and fade resistant. They are also machine washable and can last for many years. They come in different colors and backgrounds, and you get to choose one that goes perfect with your indoor or outdoor ambience. These artistic flags make a perfect surprise gift for all those ardent gardeners.

The Wild Braid: A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden

If there’s one book that could gratify the gardener in you, it’s none other than Stanley Kunitz’s amazing poetry on gardening. This book is a collection of his imaginative works, the exploration of personal recollection, assortment of good gardening tips, and more. The Wild Braid, in addition to winning the American Horticultural Society Book Award in 2006, also happens to be the personal favorite of many successful gardeners. Anyone who loves gardening and poetry will badly need this guide for a gift.

Cat Paw Gardening Gloves

Are you hiding those dark nails from your friends? Is digging and planting damaging your fingertips? Well, the cat paw gardening gloves can help you with this. The gloves have sleek, strongly molded, permanently attached claws that come in handy while you dig in the ground.

These extremely durable claws are made of ABS material and can assist in almost all light gardening tasks, like digging, cultivating, planting, loosening soil, and more. They make excellent gifts for all those beginners in gardening.

Mom Butterfly Suncatcher and Message Stone

Wondering what to gift for those nature loving women in your life? Clear you mind and give her a Suncatcher with decorated butterflies and an awesome message engraved in it. This could be placed anywhere in the garden and the potted plant rock will look magnificent among some green plants or in a small pool.

The butterfly Suncatcher has some real flowers pressed between its glass wings and makes a perfect hanging for her garden. Amaze your mom, grandmother, or even your better half with this Suncatcher and a personalized rock message to make their day worth remembering.

Solar Powered Hanging Floral Stained Glass LED Light

Are you planning to turn your garden into a pleasing night walk? Get a hanging glass LED light and give your garden a boost at nighttime. Each side of this floral glass features different hand painted garden designs and is capable of giving a 360-degree display of blazing LED lighting. It also has a shepherd’s hook and a 25 inch stand where the lamp can be safely hung.

It’s solar powered and can give you up to 8 hours of undeterred lighting when it’s fully charged. The installation is also quite simple and you can do it all by yourself. Installing these lamps in your backyard is the best gift you can give to your better half.

Cocktail Garden Kit

A beginner in gardening will definitely need this cocktail garden kit. It has everything that’s needed for growing your own cocktail garden. The entire kit comes with 6 biodegradable pots, 6 types of sealed seeds, peat discs that enlarge when watered, 6 plant markets, and a complete seeding and rowing tips for 6 types of seedlings.

It makes a perfect present for encouraging someone to take up gardening. The manuals and procedures are very simple and anyone, even children, can follow the instructions to grow their own cocktail garden.  Make your own lime basil, blue borage, cucamelon, and other cocktail ingredients from growing this cocktail garden kit.

Nature’s Melody Tuned Chime

This tuned chime comes with a hard wood canopy, a hanging striker, and is sail finished in mahogany to give a classy outlook. You can easily maintain this chime using teak oil, and this nature’s melody chime will jingle in your garden giving out sweet melodies while you work with the plants. It has 6 aluminum hollow tubes that can give out a long lasting tone. It’s also believed to bring good charm to your garden and will make a good birthday present.

Yellow Owl Metal Watering Can

Gift the gardener friend of yours a customized watering can and embrace the nature lover in them. This watering can is handcrafted using galvanized iron from the unique handcrafting industry in India. This watering can hand painted in yellow and pink colors is molded to the shape of an owl.

It can house upto 5 liters of water and can be employed for both indoor and outdoor watering purposes. This is a great gift to encourage anyone to water the plants and even children might want to try out their hands at it because of its attractive, playful design.

3 Piece Garden Tool Set

Imagine how useful it would be for a gardener to have high-quality, single piece, and rust-resistant gardening tools. This 3 piece garden tool kit comes with large ergonomic rubber handles, which assures stress-free work with its contoured finger grips. It includes three extremely useful tools, like trowel, a hand rake, and a transplanter trowel.

The transplanter trowel has large, visible inch and centimeter marks along its length to help you plant seeds, bulbs, or even saplings to its right depth. You can also use it to set your plants apart, while planting them. Gift this tool kit to your gardener friend and make things easier for them.

Custom Name Metal Watering Can Garden Sign

Everyone would want a unique garden sign with their names or the name of their garden in it. This metal watering can garden sign is all you need for your awfully good garden without a signboard. The sign is cut from single gauge steel and measures about 16 inches wide and 11 inches in height.

You get to customize the board with whatever color or message you want. It will look great on a green grassy mound near your garden entrance and its bent over tabs will hold them firmly to the ground. If you’re planning to turn your gran’s garden into a really exciting adventure play area for the kids, then consider gifting this signboard to them.

Gardening Yoga Ladies T-Shirt

Are the women in your life going to attend a gardening fest? Well, give them a gardening yoga t-shirt to wear on their great day. The t-shirt is 100% cotton and it’s a high-quality reliable product that’s manufactured in USA. The shirt is extremely flexible allowing the person to easily bend and turn around while working in the garden.

Get your mom, grandma, or even your spouse a customized printed t-shirt and encourage them in their gardening activity. You get numerous funny graphic designs to choose from, and this casual, comfortable outdoor wear is the best present for anyone who loves gardening.

7-Pocket Gardening Tools Belt Bag

The only thing that will tire a gardener is walking to the tool shed often or reaching out once in a while to pick up some gardening tool. If there’s one thing that’s going to make life simpler for them it is the 7-pocket gardening tools waist belt bag. This bag has 7 storage pockets where small gardening tools like hand rakes, gloves, trowels, and more can be accommodated.

This will help improve your gardening skills and work more effectively. You don’t have to reach out everytime you need a tool; you can find everything on your waistband. It also helps avoid any accidents with the gardening tools and you can easily carry them around, while on various activities. It’s the best gift that any gardener would badly need.

Regal Art & Gift Leap Frog Décor

Are you planning to add a romantic essence to your garden with a small pond? Consider buying the regal art and gift leap frog décor for decorating your pond. You can make a small stone pond and introduce a few fishes in it for adding to its grandeur. The leap frog idol is metal made, painted green, and is around 5 x 5 x 5.25 inches in dimension.

This handcrafted artifact will make a great view in your garden or around your garden pool. If you’re planning to gift something to a person who’s into gardening, then give them a few leap frog artifacts. They can be planted amidst the green plantation or around the fountains, and it will add to the natural view of the surrounding.

Head Planters Yellow Girl Flower Pot and Herb Container

Imagine turning your ordinary flower pots into extraordinary figurines. The head planters flower pots gives you various artistic flower pots that will make a great addition to your garden. It comes in an adorable and joyful girl design, with a colorful outfit that perfectly highlights its display in any garden environment.

This indoor/outdoor décor is made from magnesium oxide and can withstand all weather conditions. You can place this statue on your patio, balcony, garden, or even on your backyard, and can be used as a water bath for birds or even like a flowering pot. Children will especially love this inspirational, happy going company in their gardens and would also indulge in some gardening activities. It will be a great gift for all those kids intrigued by gardening.

“Keep Calm and Garden On” Sports Water Bottle

All that you’ll need after a few hours of gardening activity is some sparkling clean water and a peaceful place to rest. The “Keep Calm and Garden On” sports water bottle is something you ought to carry around while on your gardening endeavors. This water bottle is made of aluminum and can hold up to 20 ounces of water.

The water bottle has two individual caps, one easy-flow spout for drinking and another one with a standard cap. The bottle will fit almost all cup holders and you can even house it in your waist band while gardening. Make sure you don’t microwave the bottle or put it in a dishwasher. This will make the best present for a person who’s into social gardening works.

Grow Cook Eat: A Food Lover’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Is the gardener friend of yours into growing organic vegetables? Here’s something that will amaze them. Willi Galloway’s extended gardening works “Grow Cook Eat” is a complete guide for all food lovers who are into vegetable gardening. Starting from planting the seed to sitting down to enjoy a meal cooked from your home grown vegetables, you can find everything in this book.

Grow Cook Eat will definitely inspire people to start growing their own seasonal, fresh, local, organic food. If you’re already into organic farming then this guide will greatly help you refine your gardening skills and cultivate your own high grade organic food. This is a must-have addition to every gardener’s collection.

“Gardener Parking Only” Quality Aluminum Metal Sign

Are you and your folks planning an outdoor gardening tour?  Most of the outdoor gardening landscapes will be packed by tourists and other fellow gardeners. But you can still install your own parking sign and stop worrying about losing space in the parking lot. If your friends or family are a regular visitors of some gardening or horticultural activity a parking sign will be of great help to them.

This parking sign is made of aluminum and is 10 x 14 inches in dimension. The product has round corners and comes with pre-drilled ends for easy installation. You can even personalize the sign with your own customized messages and this will make a perfect present for all outdoor gardeners.

Ashman Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

Gardeners often enjoy bird feeding and bird watching. Imagine retiring on your recliner after some gardening works and looking at all those chirping birds flying around your garden. That’s the best thing you can imagine of. Buy this multi hook bird feeder and install in in your backyard or gift it to your gardener pal.

It has 91 inches long steel pole that’s water resistant and comes with adjustable wings. You can easily fix this model to the ground with the fork based prongs attached to its bottom. You get multiple hooks and trays that can be filled with different types of bird feeders and you can even fill water in one. This gift is sure to excite any gardener and will also be a great addition to anyone’s backyard.

Next time you are going to visit a gardener friend or family, make sure you give them something exceptional. Forget all those mundane gifting ideas and try to elevate the joy by giving them a present that would encourage their gardening hobby. Gift them an amazing present to remind them how their gardening does wonders to the world!

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