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Flexible Flyer World of Fun Swing Set: Everything You Need to Know

By · January 24, 2017

Imagine how you played in your childhood. The way you pushed the swings back and forth with your legs, the fun you had on the gliders, and the time of your life that was spent without anything to worry about. Don’t all these memories bring a smile to your face? Yes, your childhood was awesome!

Wouldn’t you want to pass on this fun to your children? But it’s extremely difficult to bring them out of their virtual gaming world. Nowadays, kids are engrossed in video gaming and televisions, and fail to enjoy the pleasure of playing outdoors. If you’re searching for ways to get them outside, then you’re in the right place.

One solution is to build a playground in your backyard. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You can purchase the Flexible Flyer World of Fun swing set and install it in your backyard. It’ll encourage your children to spend time outside in a healthier and fun environment.

Unboxing the World of Fun Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Swing Sets has been an icon of American childhoods since 1889. They’re the largest American manufacturer of swing sets, consumer swings, sleds, and hobby horses. They are well-known for their high-quality and traditional playground equipment that encourages children to be physically active. One of their top-quality, American-made classics is the World of Fun swing set.

Flexible Flyer World of Fun swing set is nothing like an ordinary swing set. It’s more like a playground in your backyard. It’s loaded with a lot of fun features. The swing set has a powder coated, painted A-frame for strength and stability. It comes with two sophisticated belt swings, a seesaw, and a trapeze swing customized for an easy grip. The swing set also includes other fun features, like an air glider with two seats, a green rocket rider for two, and a 6-foot wave slide. It includes the following accessories:


Add this wonderful and exciting seesaw ride to your children’s play and let them learn the art of balancing. The Flexible Flyer’s World of Fun swing set comes with a green-colored seesaw. The base is a powder-coated black-colored frame with plastic seats.

The seats are painted green to blend with the greenery in your backyard. It’s designed in such a way that it can hold two children on either side. The Flexible Flyers seesaw is sturdy and can hold a weight up to 105 lbs. on each side.

Rocket rider

Make an adventure trip to the sky on this sleek, two-person rocket glider. This particular glider is ideal for small kids with short legs, allowing them to safely place their feet on the ledge while swinging. It’s made of durable plastic material and painted in green. It can accommodate two children of 105 lbs. each. The chains of the rocket glider are also coated in durable plastic to keep your children’s little fingers from getting scratched. You can easily engage two children back-to-back on this glider.


Let your children fly high in the air with Flexible Flyer’s World of Fun trapeze. The trapeze hangs from plastic-coated chains made from green, durable plastic. It can hold one person weighing up to 105 lbs. at a time and can be stretched safely up to 180 degrees. This gives good physical activity by stretching your children’s stamina. You’ll have a great time teaching your children to use the trapeze, creating memories worth remembering for a lifetime.

Kids’ comfort swings

Swinging has been the favorite game of children for over a long time. The back and forth motion of the swing is the best experience ever, and it can be both relaxing and exciting at times. The Flexible Flyer swing sets give your children high-quality, traditional swinging experience.

The module comes with two swing sets molded in green. They also have vinyl-covered chains with adjustable lengths to fit your child’s height. The handles are also vinyl-covered to ensure added safety for your kids. It’s definitely something your kids are going to love, and they make a good addition to your backyard playground.

Air glider

Let your kids have the maximum fun they can with the Flexible Flyer World of Fun air glider. The glider has green seats and can accommodate up to two kids of 105 lbs. each. It can accommodate kids of around 5-6 years of age.

The glider is great fun to ride and your children are bound to enjoy every moment on it. The glider also comes with a solid plastic footing to hold your children strongly in place. It’s highly safe for your children to air glide to their heart’s content.


The speed and delight of going down a slide can’t be expressed with words. Install the Flexible Flyers World of Fun swing set that comes with a slide to give your children the best sliding experience. The wave slide is around 6-feet long and is made of durable plastic. The ladder is made of metal for stability and is coated in gray. The slide also has a plastic handle at the top for added protection. It can be used by children of any age group and can hold up to 2-3 children at a time.

Dimensions of the World of Fun Swing Set

This swing set can be assembled anywhere in your backyard. All you need is an open, grassy or sandy area to install the swing set. The grass or sand is required to hold the base firmly to the soil. But if your backyard is devoid of it, you can still assemble this structure with extra nuts and bolts for stability.

The dimension of the entire Flexible Flyer World of Fun swing set will be of 213” wide x 130” deep x 72” high after set up. You’ll need an area of 20-25 feet in length for this swing set to be fitted in your backyard. The space required is very small and can be easily cleared for setting up a playground. Next time, don’t let that empty area on your backyard go idle; turn it into a play area for your kids.

The Flexible Flyer World of Fun swing set is ideal for kids around 2 to 10 years of age. The weight restriction is 105 lbs. per seat of play. A total of 10 children can play simultaneously on the swing set. The maximum weight limit is 1050 pounds, and this is more than enough to hold your kids in place.

Assembling the Flexible Flyer Swing Set

You don’t have to struggle much to assemble this swing set. It comes with an easy assembling manual that would save most of your time. In the product that you receive, all the pieces will be sorted in separate bags for easy access. You can simply start assembling it from Package 1.

You can start by setting up the A-frame first. This will provide a strong base and body to the swing set. Attach the swing bolts in place, and continue bolting all the parts as mentioned in the assembly manual. The entire setup will require 2 to 3 persons to hold the pieces in place while bolting. Other than that, you can easily assemble the swing set in less than 3 hours’ time.

Damaged and missing pieces are a rarity in the swing set. If you come across any anomalies, Flexible Flyers will immediately help you replace the damaged pieces. The process is relatively painless, and the occurrence of such anomalies will be mainly due to shipping issues. The product in most cases will be in perfect condition.

Where You Can Find the World of Fun Swing Set

Flexible Flyer World of Fun swing set is available in almost all online shopping platforms, like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and more. You can also choose to drop in to any Flexible Flyers outlet and pick a swing set for your kids. Buying online will be a good choice because they deliver the product to your doorstep. You don’t have to undergo the struggle of carrying around the swing set.

The swing set ranges from $225 – $250 depending on the State you reside in. Some online sellers also provide free delivery if you’re nearby, and you can go ahead and buy from them. The shipping charges may vary for each state in the United States, but you can choose to buy it at an offer price during festive seasons, like Christmas. This swing set is the best you can get for such a cheap price.


You’re the biggest supporters to your children’s learning. You need to make sure that they get enough time to play during the day to promote their physical health. You’re also responsible to make sure their vacation is full of fun and games. Flexible Flyer can be the one-stop shop to meet your children’s playtime needs. Set up a swing set in your backyard, and make sure your children are having the best outdoor play they can hope for!

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