Best Reason to Build a Mittleider Greenhouse

By · March 4, 2021

The addition of a greenhouse to your home is a great way to enjoy gardening year- round no matter what climate you live in. Choosing the correct type of greenhouse is important to the success of plants, flowers and vegetables that will grow under its roof, and that is why avid and novice growers alike opt for a Mittleider Greenhouse.

The Mittleider Method

The Mittleider method of gardening was developed by Dr. Jacob Mittleider, an accidental farmer who reluctantly studied plants and soil after a failed baking career. He developed a precise method of growing crops to produce double, even triple the normal production by creating a schedule of feeding and watering plants that most resembles a hybrid of soil gardening and hydroponics. Focusing primarily on plant containment, Mittleider came up with an almost fail-safe way to grow a healthy, robust garden no matter what the climate, soil, location, or available supplies.

Mittleider Method of Gardening

Dr. Mittleider spent a large portion of his life traveling around the world with his wife to many different countries teaching his innovative approach to growing to others. He also wrote several books and his name appears on many gardening tools and products, including his famous greenhouses. His methods have stood the test of time and continue to have a loyal following all over the world.

Benefits of Having A Greenhouse

Considering a greenhouse in your back yard is a big decision but once you look at what you have to gain, you will never look back! So, what are the benefits to having a greenhouse?

  • All season gardening in any weather
  • Grow favorite plants and vegetables out of season
  • Indigenous soil quality doesn’t matter
  • Ability to control pests and disease in a controlled environment
Mittleider Greenhouse

Mittleider Greenhouse Plans

The most important thing to think about when planning a greenhouse is the size of the available space you have to dedicate to a greenhouse. You do not have to have a large outbuilding unless that is something that you desire because you always have the option to start on a smaller scale with grow box or container garden greenhouses.

Grow Box

One of Dr. Mittleider ’s most popular books, Mittleider Grow-Box Gardens, outlines detailed plans in Chapter 10 for building a small family size greenhouse with Mittleider’s recommended ventilation system aka the “Continuous Ventilator” which encourages healthy airflow throughout the greenhouse. This system allows for an even exchange of both hot and cold air along the roof peak which Mittleider proved was optimal for greenhouse growing.

Information on building a garden greenhouse is also available on YouTube. For example this  video is a simple how-to for building a Mittleider greenhouse with an easy-to-follow, step by step explanation. This video demonstrates the fact that incorporating a greenhouse does not have to be extravagant or expensive and can include the whole family. It also highlights the fact that you do not need a lot of space to have a greenhouse as this video demonstrates putting a greenhouse right in an existing garden.

Plans for mini greenhouses are also available on the website This website also contains a wealth of great information about Dr.Mittleider and his work, as well as more details about his greenhouse designs and planting.

Mini Greenhouse Gardening

Mini Greenhouse Gardening

You can protect a garden container or soil beds from the elements as well as encourage and foster hearty growth by employing “mini greenhouses” to keep your garden thriving even in colder weather. Using mini greenhouses will extend your growing season and provide a bounty of vegetables far past the normal growing season. The key to keeping plants healthy is vigilant temperature control, which can be monitored by a thermometer placed in at least one of the mini greenhouses.


Creating mini greenhouses can be a fun, family project too! The materials (primarily PVC pipe and heavy-duty plastic) are readily available at your local home improvement store and mini greenhouses can be constructed over a weekend. Getting the kids involved in growing their own food is an awesome way to get them hooked on the hobby of gardening as well as getting them excited about cooking and eating the things they grow.

Greenhouses are the best way to grow and care for plants, flowers, and vegetables when you have any variables that may not allow for traditional gardens such as rocky soil, cold climates, and lack of space. By using a greenhouse, specifically one designed by Dr. Jacob Mittleider, you will no doubt find yourself with plenty of flowers and vegetables to enjoy and to share, which was the meaning behind his life’s work.

Learn more about Mittleider Gardening here or purchase the exclusive Mittleider Gardening Library Course Book below.

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