About Us

Hi, we are Nikki and Kenda – friends and co-founders of Backyardville. We have known each other for several years and upon meeting we soon discovered our shared passion for many of the same things, mainly our kids, family, nature, and finding practical ways to utilize our backyards.

After spending numerous hours sharing our visions and ongoing ideas for backyard projects, we found that by combining our individual talents we could accomplish just about anything we wanted in our own backyards. From planting vegetables to building swing sets we often shared and compared notes. Since we’d been having so much success, we thought, why not share our stories with others.

To us, the backyard is more than just a space to look at from your back door. It is a place to play, relax, think, and learn. We hope through our experiences you’ll find this in your backyard, too!

More about us
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