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Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove: Our Review

By · May 12, 2023

There's a saying that goes; “Life is better around the campfire”, so we decided that we should find out if that's true. The “Campfire” is the biggest of the small camp stoves that Solo Stove has in their camp stove lineup.

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Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove

The Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove made for more. Campfire is lightweight and compact with uncompromising power so you can heat for the whole team.

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Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove
Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove

Where is the best place to use it, how does it stand up to other stoves and can it be used to cook over? Let's take a closer look at the Solo Stove Campfire and answer a few of these questions. 

Campfire Specifications:

Diameter: 7 in
Height: 9.25 in
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Fuel type: Biomass
Cooks for: 3-4 people
Price: $104.99

Solo Stove Campfire Dimensions

Who should use the Solo Stove Campfire?

There is a big difference between hiking and camping when it comes to the size of the equipment or gear you carry when compared to the items you can pack into your car. Things can get bulky and heavy real quick. So where does the Solo Stove Campfire fit in, as far as camping goes, and who should use it?

Campers – Absolutely yes. Packing this camp stove into the car is not a problem, or onto a paddle board or kayak even. The Solo Stove Campfire is a perfect small fire pit and cooking system that weighs a mere 2.2 lbs and makes it possible to build a fire when there are no fire rings around.

Backyard Enthusiasts – This is a great place to use the Campfire stove. It's big enough for a few kids to huddle around with marshmallows, or even to roast a few hotdogs over, creating a weekend that the whole family can enjoy right in your own backyard.

Bear in mind that given its size you will need to continually feed the fire to keep the flames up, but you can get a pretty good bed of coals built up that last for a while, and restarting the fire is a snap.

Survivalists – This might be a category that we don’t often think about, but the Campfire stove would be a good portable stove in a survival scenario. Having a small fire that doesn't put off much smoke and allows you to boil water are two primary needs that a survival situation might call for.

Solo Stove Survivalist

What is included with the Solo Stove Campfire?

The basic stove kit comes with the Campfire and a carrying case, but we decided to get the Campfire gear kit. This kit is like the “everything you need” kit to maximize the usefulness of the Campfire.

Campfire Gear Kit

Purchase the Campfire Gear Kit Here

The gear kit comes with the stove and carrying case, 1.5 L and 3 L pots, and the Tripod. A remarkably efficient cooking system if you work it right. Simmering a meal over a wood fire is a whole other level of camping

Where can you use the Campfire camp stove?

You can use your campfire anywhere an open fire is allowed. So, on the river, lake, or beach. In the mountains, desert, or on the back porch.

Solo Stove Camp Stove Beach

Will my Solo Stove Campfire discolor?

It’s normal for the Solo Stove Campfire to discolor somewhat due to the high heat it puts out. It will develop a patina around the bottom of the stove and in other areas, but it doesn’t affect the stove's performance.

Patina on Solo Stove

Think about it like this, the more patina your stove has the more memories you have made while camping and enjoying your time around a fire. A well-loved appearance. 

How does the Solo Stove Campfire perform in terms of heating and cooking?

Compared to gas stoves, the Campfire has its limitations and disadvantages but offers advantages as well.


  • Potentially unlimited fuel source
  • Provides heat
  • Easy setup
  • Performs well
  • Lights easily, if the fuel is dry
  • Smokeless after initial startup
  • Easy to dump ashes
  • Burns fuel completely


  • You have to continually feed the fire
  • It’s a bit bulky for backpacking
  • The pots get black soot on them

You are going to have to be creative when planning your meals and have a few one pot recipes up your culinary sleeve, but that can be fun as well. If you understand its capabilities and limits it scores well in the heating and cooking categories. If you’re car camping it can be a really cool addition to your gear.

Solo Stove Campfire on Car

Solo Stove Camp Stove Sizes

Solo Stove Camp Stove Comparison
Model:Diameter:Height:Weight:Cooks for?Price:
Campfire7 in9.25 in2.2 lb3-4 people$104.99
Titan5.1 in7.9 in16.5 oz2-3 people$84.99
Lite4.25 in5.7 in9 oz1-2 people$69.99
Top Pick
Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove

The Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove made for more. Campfire is lightweight and compact with uncompromising power so you can heat for the whole team.

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Solo Stove Campfire Camp Stove

Our Opinion

The Campfire seems to fit into a category all its own and that may in the end may be a good thing. It kind of falls in a “too big for that” and a “too small for that ” category but it doesn't make it any less useful.

For hiking it’s really not a functional item to carry, but car camping and backyard glamping seems to be the perfect fit for the Solo Stove Campfire.


Is a Solo Stove camp stove worth it?

The stove alone is worth it, and although it may seem a bit expensive when adding all the accessories, it still holds its value and worth.

What can be used for fuel in a Solo Stove camp stove?

Any type of biomass can be used in the Solo Stove camp stove. As long as it is dry enough to light you can burn sticks, pinecones, pine needles, and small pieces of wood.

Will a Solo Stove melt my deck?

The Solo Stove will produce a lot of heat, but due to the double wall construction and design it contains fire inside. It's a good idea to add a layer of protection underneath if you are worried about your deck.

Does the Solo Stove give off a lot of heat?

The Solo Stove uses heat to give it the smokeless feature. The extra heat at the top of the stove burns off the smoke.  The outside of the stove will get very hot.

Purchase the Solo Stove Campfire Stove Here

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