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The Backyard Discovery Sonora, Is it the right little swing set for you?

By · May 16, 2016

The Sonora swing set by Backyard Discovery is a playset with many features that kids and parents will love.  It has many great features that kids will enjoy and is sized to fit into most backyards.  With enough features to occupy up to nine children the playset will surely become a neighborhood destination.


What do I get?

There are many wonderful features that make the Sonora swing set appealing.  The clubhouse is composed of two levels.  The upper level is four feet off the ground.  It is covered with a modern-looking wood roof and sunburst gables.  The slide and monkey bars are accessed from the upper level.  The super-speedy slide is eight feet long.  The upper level of the clubhouse can be reached by the rock-wall/ladder combination.


The lower level of the clubhouse can be used as a sandbox (sand not included).  The lower level has one partial wall and a door.  This will be great for playing house.  The other two sides of the lower level are opened to allow easy access to the sandbox.

The clubhouse is centered in the middle of the playset.  To one side of the clubhouse is a set of challenging monkey bars.  The monkey bar is six feet off the ground and is five feet long; it will be a wonderful challenge for younger kids and good practice for older ones.

On the other side of the clubhouse is a swing beam which supports two swings and one two-person glider.
The swings are attached to the beam with kid-friendly chain link which is strong and durable.


The clubhouse, monkey bar, swing beam and supports are made from cedar wood.  Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects.  For added safety, there are no added chemicals in the wood and it is not pressure-treated wood.  The wood is stained for appearances with a water-based seal.

The swing set is recommended for kids aged 3-10 with a maximum of nine kids playing at one time.  This swing set would be perfect for large families or for families with lots of neighbor kids.

Will it fit in my yard?

The Sonora Playset measures eighteen feet long and eleven feet wide.  It is recommended that a safety zone of six feet be placed around the swing set.  The safety zone is how much space there needs to be between the swing set and any other objects in the yard such as buildings (garage, house, shed), structures (fence) and trees as well as any overhead wiring.  The swing set stands nine feet tall at the clubhouse and six feet tall at the swing beam and monkey bar.  With careful planning, the swing set will fit in small to medium yards.


It is recommended by the manufacturer that the swing set be placed on level ground.  The set is less likely to tip which increases the safety of the children playing.  The swing set should not be assembled or placed on a hard surface such as cement, concrete, asphalt, or packed earth.  Falls from the playset onto a hard surface can result in injury.  Surfacing material such as mulch, wood chips, fine sand or fine gravel can be applied to the play area and surrounding safety zone after assembly (do not build the playset on top of the surfacing material).  This will act as shock absorbers and will reduce injuries from falls.

Can I put it together myself?

Assembly of the swing set can be accomplished by two adults with a few tools such as a hammer, level, drill, tape measure, and square.  All lumber comes pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained for easy assembly.  For optimal success read through the instructions before building.


Take inventory and sort all the parts for building.  After each building phase make sure the structure is level and square.  If it is not level assembly may be difficult in the following steps.


Does it come with an instruction manual?

All Backyard Discovery swing sets come with an illustrated, easy-to-follow owner’s manual.  The manual contains frequently asked questions, assembly instructions, and maintenance and warranty information.  In the manual drawings are provided of each part.  This helps to easily identify the parts needed as well as take inventory before assembly.  Each step in the assembly process is also clearly illustrated and labeled.


Is there a warranty?

A limited warranty is offered by Backyard Discovery for one year on all the parts for manufacturer’s defects.  The lumber is warranted for five years against rot and decay.  The warranty on the lumber is pro-rated.


Is it Easy to Maintain?

In order to increase the longevity of the swing set some maintenance is recommended.  The swing set is made from cedar wood which is naturally bug, rot, and decay resistant.  The wood is stained with a water-based, transparent stain for color.  It is recommended a sealant be applied once or twice a year to help protect the wood.  Sand any rough spots on the wood before applying the seal.  Maintaining the seal is a requirement of the warranty.

A few maintenance activities are recommended at the beginning of each play season to ensure the safety of the children playing on the set as well as to prolong the life of the playset.  Before using the swing set make sure it is level and square.  Inspect the swing beam and hardware for wood expansion or contraction.  Tighten all the hardware and check all the protective coverings such as bolts, pipes, edges, and corners.  Check the moving parts for wear, deterioration, or rust and lubricate all moving metallic parts.  If any rust is found on the metallic parts, sand the area and re-paint.  Check the wood for deterioration or splinters.  If any splinters are found sand the area.

At the end of the play season or when the temperature drops below thirty-two Fahrenheit remove the plastic swings and glider.  The plastic parts need to be stored indoors or in an area that is protected from the elements and cold.


The Sonora swing set is a wonderful playset that will provide endless hours of entertainment and activity.  There are so many different activities kids can do with the playset.  It is budget-friendly and will make parents happy, too.

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