Animals that Can’t Wait for Spring

By · March 31, 2017

Are you eagerly waiting for spring? Yes, spring is one of the best seasons in which you can spend some time with nature. Imagine coming out of your home, just to listen to the chirping of the birds, the buzzing of bees, and spending your day looking at wildlife. Spring allows you do that like no other season can.

Spring season breathes a new life into the outdoors. It’s not just the blooming wildflowers and budding trees, spring sees the advent of the upcoming generation of animals and wildlife. Did you know that you aren’t the only one who is waiting for spring? Many birds and animals out there also love this season.

Birds that await the spring season

Spring is a season where birdsong reaches a peak and many flowers appear. Furthermore, birds have a lot of reasons to love spring like you do, you must have a look at these birds that wait for spring and add beauty to the season.


Some people tend to relate spring to robins, because robins are often spotted in mid-March, which is the welcome sign of spring. Male robins have a beautiful fluted call that sooths your ears all through the spring. You can find more than 45 different species of robin on the continent.

Research indicates that robins fall in love with the territory than it does with each other. Oftentimes, they end up in the same place the following late winter or early spring to mate. Most robins migrate to the south to escape the bitter cold weather.


You can spot Canadian geese in early March; it’s a sure sign of spring when you spot them high in the sky. They build their nests for the baby geese in the warmer spring and migrate to south in the winter. Geese fly in a V – formation when they migrate to other places, this drafting effect helps them to conserve a lot of energy.

The mating season of geese extends from mid-winter to the early spring season. Geese pair up with their mates and stay together for life. The gosling are protected by the gander (male goose) from any intruders, goslings stay with their parents until the following spring.

Insects have a lot of reasons to love spring

There are about six to ten million insect species that have been discovered by humans! They are the most abundant living creatures on earth, and are found in all ranges of environment. Spring is the best time for them to crawl from their hiding spaces or take to the wings.

Insects are cold blooded organisms so the spring season will be most cherished by insects as the warm temperatures during spring will accelerate their daily activity. Spring would be an ideal time to study insects, you’ll find them more active and agile in spring than any other time. You’ll also find a lot of attracting insect-life during spring, like butterflies, flies, and bees.


There are more than 20,000 species of bees, honeybee, sweat bees, and bumblebees being the most common. The early spring is the time for the honey bee queen to get busy and lay more than 2000 eggs per day. The population of bees increases rapidly in the late spring when the eggs begin to hatch.

A single spoon of honey you consume requires the honey bees to visit almost 4000 flowers. Hives and colonies are the safe haven for more than 40,000 honey bees during spring.


There are almost 18,000 species of flies in the North America and 120,000 of them all over the globe. When spring is around the corner so will be the flies, you’ll find more flies when you choose to leave the food and fruits uncovered.

Most flies lay their eggs during spring season on decaying matter, be sure not to leave anything unhygienic, like rotting food and human waste, uncovered.


Butterflies are seen in almost all the countries. Some butterflies overwinter by taking advantage of the wildflower nectar on the first day of spring. Some butterflies are known for their unbelievably long migration, like monarchs which can travel more than 2000 miles during migration.

The wings of a butterfly have wonderful and bright colors that can be quite a treat to watch. It’s a visual treat to the eyes when you see these butterflies in the spring. Most butterflies can be spotted in the early spring season or in the initial days of March.

Mammals that emerge in spring

Spring season creates a sense of new life and hope in mammals; it’s a breath of fresh air after the long winter months. Most of nature’s hibernating animals come out of their winter sleep and eat something fresh. Here’s a list of animals that are waiting for spring like you:


There are more than 280 species of squirrels, they survive on nuts, fruits, and seeds. You can find them skillfully climbing large trees and avoiding predators; furthermore, you can also see them gliding from distances up to 250 feet.

Most squirrels mate from early winter to late spring, some of the squirrels reproduce twice a year. The new born squirrels remain with its mother until spring. When spring is around the corner most squirrels stash their foods in some secret location, they dig up this food in winter when the food is scarce.


A recent study by National Geographic shows that there are 25 species of chipmunks. They belong to the family of squirrels, but differ from them in a lot of ways. Spring season is their ideal time for mating season, they keep to themselves and interact only during mating.

Chipmunks give birth two times per year, in the late spring and sometime in the fall. However, they hibernate through long winters and store food in their cheek like massive grocery bags. The little ones stay with their parents only for two months, they build their own home and store food to last them throughout the winter.


Deer are more active at dawn and dusk, however, they prefer sneaking into meadows and gardens at night as it’s relatively safer than in broad daylight. Spring is the most treasured season as they find their favorite food, nutrient-rich nuts, acorns, alfalfa, clover, and foliage berries.

Oftentimes, deer mate during the fall and tend to have young ones during the spring season. However, spring season is the most important for female deer which give birth and start raising their young ones.

A season with lots of reasons to cherish

Spring is the most cherished season of the year by most people, you’ll find most people relating spring to a time of joy and harmony. The pleasing sight of leaves folding and buds bursting can’t be replaced with any other earthly pleasures. A season cherished by both humans and wildlife alike, you might find a lot of other animals and birds that waits for the spring season.

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