The Benefits of a Swing Set for Older Kids

By · February 17, 2023

Play sets are a great way to keep kids active and entertained. They can be used by all ages, but are especially beneficial for older kids who may be too heavy for a regular swing. Read on to learn about the benefits of swing set for older kids.

Play sets allow children to develop a variety of skills, including motor skills, physical activity, and socialization. They also offer opportunities for imaginative play that many kids don't get enough of these days with all the technology they have access to at home.

Older Kids on Playset

The benefits of a swing set are endless. From the numerous ways it can be used to the different skills it teaches your child, it is one of the best investments you can make in their future and happiness. However, older kids may not find a playset cool. They may think it is for little kids. It might be hard to convince them that it isn’t such a bad idea, seeing as from a parent’s perspective it gives them a space to have fun, exercise, and grow, all while being safe.

Often times the right playset, won’t even seem like a playset to them! With this, let's look at how it can benefit older kids, and some of our recommendations for playsets that you may want to consider!

Benefits of a Playset for Older Kids

Large Motor Development

A lot of kids play sports, so it is important for them to be in decent shape in order for them to effectively play these sports. Whether its football, soccer, track, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, or another sport, a kid must be able to perform well in order to do well. Playing outside is a great way that they can stay in shape, while also having fun!

This doesn’t mean that they have to play on a playset in the backyard. They can run around in the woods, climb trees, go hiking, and so many other things! A playset does allow for some basic training and fun to be had right at home. This is especially nice if you live in more of an urban area with limited access to green spaces. If you do live in an area where you are able to have a playset in your backyard, we encourage that you give it some thought!

Large Motor Skills Swingset

Growing and being healthy is an important part of everyone’s life, both physically and mentally, but it is especially important for kids going into their teens. Living a healthy lifestyle and being active will ensure that their development continues in a positive direction. So a playset might just be what you need to help with your child's growth!

Build Imagination

The imagination of children is amazing, and almost magical. As we age, however, our brains tend to do less imagining, and more examining. As a kid, it is important that we have an imagination. One great way to encourage this is a playset!

Play sets are a great way to stimulate the imagination of older kids. They can be used in many different ways, such as building houses or fortresses, or even creating entire worlds. It's a great tool for kids who want to use their creativity and build something new.

Building Imagination on Swing Set for Older Kids

When you give children a play set, it gives them the opportunity to play with their friends and family members, and also by themselves. This can help them improve their social skills and be more confident in themselves. It also allows them to create things they may not have been able to create without the help of these toys.

Place to Hang Out with Friends

As kids age, they tend to want more personal space and less supervision from their parents. This is a natural part of aging, and giving them this trust is an important part of their development into adults. They will also show more interest in hanging out with their friends without having to follow the direction of a parental figure. Not allowing kids to have these crucial experiences can harm them in the long run, so it is important to allow it within bounds. Believe it or not, one great way to do this is with a playset!

Play sets are a great place for older kids and their friends to hang out. They can play together, they can enjoy the outdoors, and they don't have to worry about their parents hovering over them. Often times, they will probably enjoy it more than a cold basement or someone's room.

There are many different types of play sets that offer different features. Some of them have swings and slides, while others might have a sandbox or a clubhouse. If you want something that is going to be a great place for older kids and their friends to hang out, having a playset with a clubhouse is a great idea!

Bonding with Younger Siblings

For those older kids with younger siblings, a playset is also a great way for them to bond. By playing together and building common interests, they will grow even closer! The younger sibling also has positive benefits, since they not only grow a bond with their older sibling, but also start to learn social skills faster and at a younger age.

Younger kids are often more attracted to playing on the slide and swinging, while the older kids are going to be more interested in other activities such as climbing. Getting the right playset can mean that both siblings can play together at the same time, and both have fun outside, all while bonding.

The younger sibling will often remember these times, and then look up to their older sibling as inspiration. They will not only gain social skills as mentioned previously, but also general life skills that can help them later down the road when say applying for a job.

Siblings Playing Together on Swing Set for Older Kids

Younger Kids will Grow into It

For years, there has always been a joke and tradition of the younger siblings getting things second hand from their older sibling who has either outgrown a piece of clothing, or moved out of the house. Either way, the younger sibling often times does not end up very thrilled about this. In some cases, however, they may receive something that they really love, and can still use! One of these is items may be the playset they played on with their older sibling!

A playset that is built well and holds up, and that has features that older kids enjoy, will eventually be appealing to the once younger sibling as they get older! It will also hold memories of when they were younger and would play on it with their older sibling. Now, the parts of the playset the eldest child liked, may be appreciated by the youngest, now oldest, child.

If the now older sibling happens to have a younger sibling as well, they can bond with them on the playset the same way they bonded with their older sibling. The playset can become a central part of the development of your kids, and they may have important life long memories of a simple little playset in the backyard.

Consider these Larger Swing Set for Older Kids

It can be a little difficult to find good playsets for older kids. Some can be too big, some can be too small. Price, availability, features, personal wants, and so many factors play into what you may consider the perfect playset for you. Here are some different options for playsets we put together that may be just what you need, or at least get you on the right track!

Backyard Discovery Woodridge Elite

Features –

  • Size: 188.19″D x 231″W x 141″H
  • Material: Cedar Wood
  • Number of swings: 3
  • Number of slides: 1
  • Best accessory: Clubhouse

What’s included –

Two belt swings and one trapeze swing, slide, upper clubhouse, lower deck, sandbox area, raised tunnel, crow's nest, side porch, wooden ladder, and a bench. With this many features it is hard to imagine a child getting bored!

Why it’s a great swing set for older kids –

This is a great set for older kids because not only can it be used comfortably by them, but it also has fun elements that they can enjoy even as they get older, such as the clubhouse. This gives them their own space that they can enjoy.

Purchase Here

Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove

Features –

  • Size: 324″D x 330″W x 156″H
  • Material: Wood, plastic, and steel
  • Number of swings:2
  • Number of slides: 3
  • Attractive features: Clatter bridge, climbing accessories

What’s included –

Alpine wave slide, 7 ft. tube slide, commercial grade super scoop slide, rock wall with climbing rope, safe entry ladder, deluxe rope ladder, belt swing – 2, trapeze swing, built-in picnic table, built-in sandbox area with corner seats, bonus built-in sandbox area with corner seats under tower, tic-tac-toe panel, steering wheel, telescope

Treasure Trove Tube Slide

Why it’s a great swing set for older kids –

The Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove playset is built so that anyone of any size is able to play on it with no issues! The open air design is perfect for older kids to have room to not only move, but to play and have fun!

Purchase Here

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II

Features –

  • Size: 200.79″D x 263.78″W x 149.61″H
  • Material: Cedar wood
  • Number of swings: 2
  • Number of slides: 1
  • Attractive features: Upper clubhouse

What’s included –

A top-of-the-line clubhouse with wood roof, windows, covered entry way, and bay windows. Sun balcony and crow's nest with telescope. The bottom deck comes with a built-in picnic table. The lower deck also has a snack stand. Instead of going to the beach, play in the sandbox! Two belt swings and a trapeze, rock climbing wall, a flat step entry ladder along with a 10ft. Speedy slide and Monkey Bars.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort Monkey Bars

Why it’s a great swing set for older kids –

This set is going to be perfect for older kids because it has so many features that they will love! Primarily the amazing upper clubhouse that features its own door and window, as well as the lower picnic table. The set is also very sturdy, meaning that it can be used by several older kids all at once!

Purchase Here

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

Features –

  • Size: 169″D x 205″W x 93″H
  • Material: Powder-coated galvanized steel and high-density polyethylene (Alloy Steel with no lead-based materials)
  • Number of swings: 3
  • Number of slides: 1
  • Attractive features: Monkey bars

What’s included –

The heavy-duty, Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set includes 3 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar with gym rings. Each swing chain has rubber grips to prevent little fingers from being pinched, and the chain clips at the top safely secure the swings to the frame. It also has a fireman's pole and includes a fun, 9′ wavy slide. The monkey bars are an instant favorite for kids and provide hours of entertainment.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Trapeze for Swing Set for Older Kids

Why it’s a great swing set for older kids –

This set is great for older kids because it is simple and user friendly. Although there isn’t a ton of features in this set, it allows older kids to have simple fun by using the basic things you would expect to find on an average playground.

Purchase Here

Gorilla Playsets Empire

Features –

  • Size: 324 x 252 x 156 inches
  • Material: Wood, plastic, and steel
  • Number of swings: 2
  • Number of slides: 3
  • Attractive features: Large, multi-level clubhouse

What’s included –

  • Alpine Wave Slide, 7’ Turbo Tube Slide, and Commercial Grade 14’ Super Scoop Slide
  • Tongue & Groove Wood Roofs Featuring Dormers, Sunbursts, and a Chimney
  • Lower-Level Semi-Enclosed Clubhouse with Two Working Windows, Sunburst, and Two Solar Wall Lights
  • Rock Wall with Climbing Rope and Safe Entry Ladder
  • Monkey Bars with Heavy-Duty Metal Rungs
  • Two Belt Swings and a Trapeze Swing
  • Tic-Tac Toe Activity Panel, Steering Wheel and Telescope
  • Picnic Table and Sandbox with Corner Seats

Why it’s a great swing set for older kids –

The Gorilla Playsets Empire is the perfect playset for older kids! Its large clubhouse that is the main focus of the set is the perfect place for older kids to have their own space and hang out with their friends. The other features only add to the fun that they can have! This set with its large size and durability ensures that it will survive the wear and tear of older kids and can be used for years to come.

Purchase Here

Features that Make a Great Swing Set for Older Kids

Durability –

As previously mentioned, durability is important when it comes to older kids who are larger and can be a little more rough. It is also important that a playset is durable in order for it to stand up to normal conditions such as rain and the sun, but it also has to be able to be used properly without there being any issues. Of the sets above, a great example of durability is the Gorilla Playsets Empire

Adjustability –

Kids are always growing, whether they are younger or older. It is important that the playset that they have is able to be adjusted in order to account for their growth! This means that older kids will still be able to have fun on their playset as they keep growing! A great example of adjustability is the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure set seen in this post!

Large slides –

Often times older kids are going to be bigger, and this can be a problem if the playset features don’t account for a larger child. Slides are one of these features that can be useless if not made for the older kids. Normally, a wider and higher/longer slide is not only going to be a better fit for the older kids, but it will also add to the fun, since older kids aren’t going to be thrilled by a five-foot slide!

Gorilla Playsets Super Scoop Slide for Swing Set for Older Kids

Forts and towers –

One thing you may notice when it comes to older kids and playsets is that the forts and towers are going to be the most popular attraction. Why is this? Well, it is because kids want to have their own space, and a fort, tower, or clubhouse is a great space that they can have for themselves and their friends! All of the sets in this list have some kind of fort or clubhouse, but the best overall are going to be the Backyard Discovery Skyfort 2 and the Gorilla Playsets Empire.

Woodridge Elite Tower for Swing Set for Older Kids

FAQ’s about Swing Set for Older Kids

What is the best way to anchor a swing set for bigger kids?

Depending on the material and how the set is built, the swing set could simply be staked down with a metal post, driven into the ground, or the posts could be cemented into the ground

What features do older kids like in a swing set?

Any extra features that encourage them to play and have fun, but in a manner more suited for their age, such as clubhouses, rock walls, or rope ladders.

Is wood or metal better for a playset for older kids?

Overall, wood is going to be a better choice. It lasts longer, is sturdier, and gives more of a classic feel to not only the playset itself, but also the yard it is in!

What is the age range for most wooden swing sets?

In reality, any age from about 2 to their teen years is going to be good for a wooden swing set. If built out of quality wood and treated properly, it can last for a long time and be used by adults as well!

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